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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eric's new hobby is smokin....

My husband has really been getting into smoking and barbecuing meats lately and he's been having a lot of fun with it. Here he is being silly with a big roast that he just tenderized and seasoned.
After tenderizing it and seasoning it, he then wrapped it in Saran wrap and left it to marinate for several hours.
It's a beef rib eye roast.
Once it's done marinating, he takes the plastic wrap off...
...and sets it on the barbecue.
Where he has the charcoal all ready to go.
It will sit here for about 6 hours or so.
To get that smokey taste he uses Royal Oak Hickory Chips
He grabs a handful and dumps them on the coals.
Oh, I forgot to mention that he soaks the chips in water first, so they just don't burn up on the coals, they just simmer and create smoke.
He then puts the lid on the barbecue and lets it smoke.
He checks it every hour.
He also adds more chips every hour.
You can see all that hickory smoke coming up and adding flavor to the meat!
It's really starting to get done now!
He flips it over when it's halfway done.
He cut a pop can in half and poured a little beer in it.
The purpose of this is to add moisture to the air so that the meat will not get dried out.
Mmmm! Perfection!
He then slices it into steaks. The meat is just melting off the knife!
Oh my goodness, it is so tender and soooo delicious! This roast costs about twenty dollars, but our whole family of 7 will be eating restaurant style steaks with leftovers! I love my husband's new hobby!

"They shall eat meat that night, roasted on the fire." Exodus 12:8

Hugs, Sharon

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