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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday!

As we all know, Easter is the day that we stop and remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and arose victoriously three days later. We have so much to be grateful for because of His sacrifice. Somehow over the years, it has also become a day where families get together and go to church together and have a big feast afterwards. This is how we spent our Easter day. I am so grateful for Jesus for His ultimate sacrifice of laying down His life for me. I love Him so much and am so thankful for Him in my life.
With our family we have traded off every year, one year it's with my side of the family and the next year it's with my husband's side and this is the year for my husband's side of the family.

My sister and her kids were going to be alone on Easter because her husband was traveling, so I said why don't you come and stay the night here and spend Easter day with us! So they did! The night before we had dinner and started preparing for the next day's festivities and then watched a movie together. Grayson's girlfriend, Rachelle joined us too. Here's my niece Victoria and Rachelle peeling potatoes for our Easter feast!
The kids all jammed in our little family room watching a movie.
Uh, oh, it looks like Garrett fell asleep!
Grayson and Rachelle don't seem to be complaining about having to share a chair!
Here's Kathi and her girls, Victoria and Jessica in front of our church.
Kathi, Jessica and I. Boy, it was windy!
We switched churches back in November and have enjoyed this little church so much. It's a very small church with about 50 people in the congregation. The pastor and his wife are so wonderful and all the people in the church are so sweet and friendly. I liked the Easter display they made.
There's the family all sitting together! I don't know where Eric is, he must be out in the foyer visiting and getting coffee.
Cameron brought some Easter eggs that he dyed with his friend Megan.
Aren't they pretty!
Well, the family is arriving! From left to right Grayson, Eric's mother, Alice, the back of Monique, Cameron, Preston and my father, Leonard. My mother wasn't feeling well and was not up for celebrating, so my Dad decided to join us as well.
I love these pictures of my two oldest sons, Mackenzie and Cameron.
They are sharing some inside joke. I love the looks on their faces. It warms my heart to know that my adults sons are great friends!
They are so handsome too! :0)
Alice enjoying her drink with her daughter, Stacey behind her and her husband, Jim.
Here's my niece, Monique talking with her mother, Stacey, and my daughter-in-law, Brittany.
Eric's father, Jim and my brother-in-law, Jim.
Alice and Kathi talking.
The kids starting playing cards.
What joy it brings to see them all enjoying each other, just like the old days! Moments like these are what memories are made of!
Uh-oh, the game looks like it's getting a little too intense and a little out of control! Haha!
My two Dads! My father, Leonard and my father-in-law Jim are catching up.
Here I am making gravy!
Dinner's ready!!!
Mmmm! Look at all that delicious food! We had ham, potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, ambrosia and rolls.
After dinner all the kids went outside to play. This is something they've all done since they were all tiny! I love it!
Awe...this is so cute. I love how Grayson is helping Garret get off the trampoline!
Mackenzie has a little friend following him!
Alice and Kathi visiting after dinner.
Me and my wonderful mother-in-law.
Time for a family game! There's finally a picture of my husband sitting at the far right in the yellow and black striped shirt, although it's only half of him! lol! I don't know how I managed to take only half a shot of my husband when I took at least 80 pictures of this event!
We had so much fun playing a guessing game.
Mmmm! Now it's time for pie!
Thank you Lord so much for your gift of eternal life. Thank you for our wonderful family and our beautiful day!

"He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay." Matthew 28:6

Love, Sharon


A Romantic Porch said...

What a beautiful day! xorachel

Mary said...

What a lovely Easter Sunday. Everything looks wonderful,from the decorations,to the games,to the food. I too display our bible on Easter.I place a crown of thorns,a large nail and a lily on top of the page to signify Jesus's death and resurection.


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