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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our little fire pit...

We made a fire pit!
Well, actually, it started out to be a pond, but we kind of lost interested in that, so we turned it into a fire pit.
This is the first time we've had a fire in it!
Eric had some brush and old boards to burn, so he had Hayden and his friend Dan help him make a big bonfire.
After Eric helped them make the fire, we went inside and left the boys to tend to it.
What a perfect thing for two teenage boys and a dog do on a hot summer night!
Blondie staying warm by the fire!
"The most tangible of all visible mysteries - fire."
~Leigh Hunt
They were so cute out there!
"Don't let your dreams go up in smoke - practice fire safety."
~Author Unknown
"To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment
than almost anything else in the world."
~Charles Dudley Warner
I kept going outside to check on them and one time this is what I found! I thought it was so funny, they were both checking their cell phones!
Isn't it beautiful!
Best friends on a summer night in front of a bonfire....priceless!

"You are my lamp, Oh Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light." II Samuel 22:29

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, June 28, 2010

The flowers of summer...

Summer's here and our flowers are all in bloom!
When we moved into this house we "inherited" this beautiful rose bush.
I love the color, it's the most beautiful shade of coral.
Oh how I love summer! I love it when you can actually see the sun shining and creating shadows on the deck!
Here are two pots placed on both sides of our french doors.
I filled them with snapdragons, petunias and lobelia.
Here are three pots filled with petunias. They haven't quite bloomed yet.
Another pot with petunias, snap dragons and purple alyssum.
More petunias. Our deck gets lots of sun, so they do well out there.
Our deck on a summer morning. Oh how I love mornings like this!
Hey, what's that in the tree?
It's a Blue Jay that has stopped for a little snack at our bird feeder! I'm so excited they're using it!
Here's our little flower garden in the front yard in front of our dining room window.
And our heart shaped rock collection.
Here's a cute stone bunny hanging out under the Bleeding Heart bush. Can you see a pattern developing here in all my pictures that I love rabbits? I think they are so cute and I decorate a lot with them! The white specks you see in the dirt is slug bait. Here in Oregon we have lots of slugs, so it is pertinent that we spread slug bait out because otherwise they will eat our flowers down to the roots if we don't.
I love bleeding hearts! Aren't they beautiful!
Here's a cute little planter filled with colorful flowers.
Whiskey barrel filled with more color spots.
I love to decorate with flags for not just 4th of July, but for the whole summer.
I love how the morning sun hits our wicker settee on the front porch!
Our cute little old fashioned mail box filled with blue and white lobelia and a couple of flags.
Here's my cute shelf and flower box that my father made for us a long time ago. Its filled with white and pink begonias.
Oh how I love summer and the beautiful flowers that come along with it!

"A glad heart makes a happy face." Proverbs 16:13a

Hugs, Sharon

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A day with my favorite guy...

The other day I got to do something very special with my husband; I went along with him as he drove up to his job site to look at the next unit that he'll be cutting.
Usually the units are pretty far away and he has to drive anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour, but this unit is close and only 20 minutes away.
It was fun to be in his work truck, which in the logging world are called "crummies" I snapped this neat picture of his cork boots in the back seat.
His favorite soda, Mountain Dew. Hey, I wonder if all loggers like Mountain Dew because they work up in the mountains! Haha!
We drove up into the mountains on a windy, gravel road and the sun was shinning brightly. It was just beautiful!
There's the gate to the company property.
It's private land and signs are posted, but some people still trespass. What's frustrating for the property owner is that they will break the gates and destroy equipment and pollute the area terribly with bags of garbage, old couches, tires, etc. It's just awful. It costs them a lot of money to do repairs and do all the clean up. I don't understand why some people behave so badly.
Eric's unlocking the gate.
We drove higher up on the mountain.
We drove through this beautiful meadow. I expected to see a bear or a deer, but we didn't.
Now we're starting to get into the forest.
I see some large logging equipment, that means we're getting close to the unit.
He loves his job. Wouldn't you? Look at his beautiful office!
It's magical up here in the woods!
When we finally got to the correct spot we stopped and Eric got out his map of the unit.

He was looking for pink ribbon markers on the trees to see the unit boundaries.

He's also scouting the unit to see the size of the timber, how brushy it is and how steep the ground is. It has been raining so much here in Oregon, so he wanted to make sure the road up there was not too muddy and was drivable.
He is living his dream and doing the job he loves. He went to college and got an Associates Degree in Forest Technology. In the beginning he wanted to be a Timber Cruiser (surveyor), but midway changed his mind to be a Timber Faller.
He started at the bottom with one of the most dangerous logging jobs, being a choker setter (although being a Timber Faller is also very dangerous work too). The choker setter is the guy who hikes down into the mountain where the felled trees are. He then puts the chains called chokers around the felled trees and hooks them to cables for retrieval by a big tractor called a skidder which is up on the top of the mountain on a landing.
We parked the truck and he got out to really look and assess the timber.
He also did seasonal work as a tree planter for a couple of winters when we were first married. He is very knowledgable about the forests and very respectful of them.
After working in the woods for awhile, he realized he really wanted to be a Timber Faller also known as Timber Cutter. This is a very dangerous job and a very skilled job. Eric has mastered this skill and he has a very good reputation in the business as one of the best cutters.
He is also very, very careful and very safe. He knows that if he gets careless or lazy he could get seriously injured. The Lord has kept him safe all of these years and I am so grateful. However, he has had two pretty serious injuries in all of these years. The first was a branch fell from a tree and landed right on his head and shoulder. They call these widow makers because they usually kill the man, but God was with Eric and protected him. It dented his hardhat, ripped his shirt and briefly knocked him out, but he was okay. The other accident was a freak thing with a small tree branch that he was cutting and it snapped back causing his arm to snap and he ripped his bicep. It was a bad injury that took months to heal, but my hard-working husband was back on the job within a few days.
In the beginning Eric cut trees as an employee to a logging company and then he pursued his dream of being self-employed and he opened his own cutting company. He is a contract cutter. The Lord has blessed him with a great contract with a very large land owner. He loves being his own boss. He has a couple of cutters that work for him too. When I look back on all the years he has worked and how the Lord has blessed his business, I am so very thankful to God. Oregon's logging industry has changed so much and through the years declined, but Eric has always had steady work.
I'm so proud of him and that he works so very hard, he is so knowledgable about what he does and he is very good at it. He is one of the best cutters and has a very good reputation. He has an excellent work ethic.
I am so proud of him and love him so much. I am so thankful that he has been such a hard worker and good provider for our family all of these years. He's also very handsome too! :0)
Well, we're all done here, time to go back down the mountain.
Eric locked the gate back up and we're heading home.
What a fun day we had together.
I love him so much and am so very proud of him. I am so thankful that I've had this opportunity to go to the work site with him. It makes me appreciate what he does even more!

Click here to read another post I did about my husband's work with lots of pictures.

"Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy." Psalm 96:12

Love, Sharon
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