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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Camping! Day 2

May the circle be unbroken! Good morning from our campsite!
I thought this was such a cute picture! This is Mackenzie and Brittany's tent. I like how neat and tidy it is and how their shoes are lined up outside!
The lake looks beautiful this morning!
Oh, now this is the life!
Crescent Lake is one of my favorite places in the world! Don't let this beautiful water fool you though, it is absolutely freezing cold! It's usually about 40 degrees! Brrrr! We've camped here in the summer before when it was about 80 degrees out and we took the boat to inner-tube and water ski. The kids did it and had fun, but it didn't last long! You really need a wetsuit while playing in this water.
I love to get up early and walk down to the lake with my chair, a cup of coffee and my little devotional book.
I love to spend a little alone time with the Lord by the water's edge enjoying all the intrinsic beauty around me that He created! It makes my heart so thankful!
Eric was teasing Hayden and Ryan and telling them to get up because it's morning!
What's Cameron doing?
Oh my goodness! He's dragging Grayson out of the tent! I guess it's time for him to get up!
Well, it looks like Grayson stayed in the tent, but his sleeping bag is out! haha! Brotherly love!
God please bless our camper!
Mmmm! Time for breakfast! We're having breakfast burritos today!
Sitting around the fire-pit eating breakfast burritos! Life's good!
Here's the whole gang! I love my family so much! I am so thankful that my husband introduced camping to me when we were first married! We actually went camping the last weekend of our honeymoon! It has been a wonderful blessing for our family.
It's not all play.....time to do the dishes!
The thing about camping that is important and so good for families is that everyone has to pull their weight and help out!
Grayson brushing his teeth.
Cameron reading his book and visiting.
We decided to play a game with the whole family, so we played Apples to Apples.
This was so much fun!
I love it because we all have so much fun. My husband and kids are so funny and we crack up all the time.
Words that represent can see by the red cards that our family has a twisted since of humor! :0)
It's been such a blessing to me to have Brittany and Rachelle join us! With raising our four sons, I never really thought that someday we would have girls joining us camping and it has been so wonderful for me!
My husband making his famous barbecued chicken!
Camping life...chicken on the barbie and Hayden playing with Blondie in the background. I love it!
The guys had some serious competition going with cribbage. Here's Eric and Hayden playing.
Now here's Eric and Cameron playing. They boys are always trying to beat Eric, he's really good at cribbage! They all have a healthy competition going, it's all in fun and they are all really good.
Hayden shooting pop cans with his sling shot.
Cameron's birthday fell over the Memorial Day weekend, so we brought the party with us!
I brought a Happy Birthday sign and hung it in the trees! :0)
Happy 24th birthday Cameron!
Cameron requested Dad's bbq'd chicken legs, Top Ramen cabbage salad and pineapple for his special birthday dinner. I brought the "You are Special" plate for him to eat on!
Happy birthday Cameron! Make a wish!
Now blow out all the candles! (Grayson is helping! haha!)
We brought up all of his birthday gifts too! He had a wonderful birthday!
The older boys smoking their pipes around the fire.
Warming my tootsies in front of the fire!
Grayson and Rachelle getting cozy by the fire!
Mackenzie and Brittany snuggling up!
It's our last morning!
Good morning handsome!
Grayson and me. It's definitely a hat day for me!!!
The girls helped me make egg McMuffin's for breakfast.
That's a lot of eggs!
"May I borrow a cup of sugar?" Mackenzie cracked us up by knocking on the little side door on the camper.
Mmmm! What a delicious breakfast! This was Brittany's great idea!
Our original family, Eric and I and our four sons. Just for fun I threw in this picture from long ago when we first got our camper.....
My have they all grown! I think this was from 1997. We have had so many wonderful, wonderful memories camping! I love my family so much! I am so thankful to God for the blessing of my amazing family!
Now here's a picture of all of us with Brittany and Rachelle, and Blondie too! And hopefully the family will just keep growing and growing!

Well, it's time to head back home and back to our regular lives. It is so good to be able to get away for the weekend to relax out in nature with the family. We had such a wonderful trip!

"You formed the mountains by Your power. You showed how strong You are!" Psalm 65:6

Hugs, Sharon
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