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and the day in, day out things that we do.
It basically is my online diary/photo album of our life.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Marches On!

I'm still busy catching up my blog posts about our life here at Rose of Sharon Garden and I'm happy to report that these are the last photos on my computer from March of 2010! I ended up with a few random pictures, so I decided to blend them all together here in one post. That's me in the picture above all bundled up out walking in the dark at 6:00 am.
Yep, I'm still walking three days a week with my neighbor, Shelley. We've been doing this for 2-1/2 years now! We walk about 3 miles, which takes us roughly an hour. These really are my therapy sessions as we talk and talk and talk! She's become one of my closet friends and confidants and also a prayer partner! I am so thankful for Shelley!
In March we had a lot of fun and interesting things happen, but we also did a lot of regular, everyday tedious, ho-hum things, such as getting a new toilet. Here's my hubby wheeling the new toilet out of Home Depot. The big question is, why did I even take this picture! Of course we all want to remember the big exciting moments of our lives such as birthdays, holidays, dinners, trips, etc. but I also want to remember these seemingly boring everyday things as well! Those big moments are the icing on the cake, but these day in day out things we do are the actual cake! :0)
Here's my sweet hubby installing the new toilet. I'm so thankful for his talents and his hard work! Someday when we are old people, I think it would be fun to come across pictures like this and remember and appreciate all the wonderful things my husband has done.
Who is that in the dog crate?
Oh my goodness! It's Hayden being silly!
I love it that my kids will do funny things like this just to get us to laugh! Life with a puppy keeps us busy! Life with a teenage boy keeps us busy too! :0)
We get together with the whole family almost every Sunday night for dinner and a movie.
I love this tradition and I hope it continues on even when we start getting more daughter-in-laws and grand-kids! Sometimes we have sit down dinners in the dining room, but most of the time we all eat together in the family room and talk and then watch the movie. This is one of the reasons we want to move, we would like to have a home with a larger kitchen with a big farm table in it and also a bigger family room. This is our future, the direction our life is going and I want all my loved ones to come over and to be comfortable.
Cameron, Brittany and Mackenize are enjoying their dinner. You can also see Grayson and Rachelle sitting on the couch in the background. It looks like we had steak, baked potato and green salad for dinner! Yum!
Grayson and Rachelle. Rachelle must have already eaten!
Yippee! It's the annual community library book sale!
So many wonderful books to choose from! I'm drooling!
I brought Hayden and his buddy Dan with me to the sale; they both found some great books and movies.
Here's Hayden searching for some good titles. We love this sale and look forward to it every year! It's a win-win situation, we always get awesome deals and at the same time we are supporting our local library!!
In other news, our oldest son, Mackenzie, sold his SUV. He put it on Craig's list and had our house as the contact place so I was able to take a few photos. That's him down there showing some guy the engine of his gray Toyota 4Runner.
He got a ton of calls and this guy got here first with cash! :0) Mackenzie was so happy when it sold, but it's always a little sad when you sell a vehicle with all of good memories you had with it! This was the honeymoon "get away" car on their wedding night!
When I was upstairs taking the pictures of Mackenzie selling his truck (from the guest room window), Hayden woke up to use the restroom. I heard him and went out to say good morning and watched as he walked sleepily back to his room. Since I had my camera and I thought the lighting was perfect, I quickly snapped this picture. Didn't it turn out cool!
Spring is coming! I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation, we've been stuck inside all winter and now that the sun is out, it's time to head out and explore the yard! Hey, there's Blondie and she wants to play!
Uh-oh, look what I found! I went up to the garden to take a peek and wow, just look at all those weeds!
They actually are kind of pretty though. I can't wait for the weather to straighten up and get out there and work in the yard! :0)
Another dinner with the family, but this isn't a Sunday dinner, this is a typical week night dinner. It's just Eric and I and our two sons who still live at home (Grayson and Hayden) and of course, our new puppy, Blondie! Here's Hayden holding up baby Blondie while Eric and Grayson look on.
When my oldest two boys graduated from high school I was hit hard with "Empty Nest Syndrome" and kind of went into a funk. I was very sad and cried all the time for about two solid weeks. It was so sad for me to realize that my sons whom I poured my everything into were growing up and they were going to leave me. It's selfish, but it's real. It's totally normal and expected for them to grow up and leave and I want them to be happy and healthy and to move on, but it's soooo hard for a loving mom to let go!!! I prayed often, dove into my Bible and talked about it a lot with family and friends. Praise God, I made it through those rough weeks, but then the emotions would hit me again and I'd have a hard time, I would get better and then have a bad spell every other week, then monthly, then it slowly went away.

When the older two moved out, I thought I would have a meltdown, but happily, I didn't! It just felt like it was the right time for them to leave. I still get hit with it now and again, but God has helped me so much!

The whole time I went through this though, I realized I still had the two younger boys at home who needed me and they needed to have a happy, strong family around them with lots of love, fun, discipline and traditions. I am so thankful that God showed me the importance to not be sad that our family has changed, but to embrace this new version of our nuclear family.

I love and appreciate these every day moments such as just sharing a meal together, talking about our days, playing with the puppy and watching TV. I realize that someday soon Grayson will move out and we will recreate our nuclear family with just Eric, me and Hayden and then someday Hayden will move out and it will be just Eric and me, but I will deal with those days when they come! :0)
Okay, lets move on to the last photos in my album. These pictures are from the annual high school athletic auction. I have been on this committee for several years, but this year I opted out and I just I helped with setting it up that afternoon. I think these giant balloons look so cute at the entryway.
Here are a few of my friends who were on the committee this year. There's a ton of work that goes into these types of events and I appreciate all of these neat ladies who volunteer their time and energy! We have grown to be really close by working on these committees. Even though it's a lot of work, it's also a lot of fun and quite rewarding!
The room looked gorgeous!
The theme this year was "Bulldog Magic" since our high school mascot is a Bulldog.
I love these centerpieces! Their magician hats filled with red confetti, playing cards, a white gloved hand, a white dove and of course a magic wand!
Here's Rachelle and her friends serving appetizers.
We had a former high school student play the piano throughout the evening. He did a great job!
We started with the silent auction.
Then dinner!
Here's Rachelle's dad, Tim and his wife, Kim.
It was so beautiful!
We had a great crowd too!
It's time to start the oral auction, get ready to bid!
Here are all of the oral auction items. We had some fabulous donations this year. Eric and I bid on several things, but did not win. We usually try to get the weekend getaway packages at cabins, but we were out bid this year. :0(
Here's Rachelle displaying the chain saw that my husband's company donated!
Mmmmm! Look at these gorgeous desserts! They auctioned them off!
They all look so good, how does one choose?
People were going crazy for them!
It was a great night and we earned $24,000 for the athletic program! That actually is quite a bit lower than years past, but with this tough economy, I think it is very good!

Well, that does it for March life 2010 here at Rose of Sharon Garden. Stay tuned, April 2010 starts here on Monday!

"I will meditate about Your glory, splendor, majesty and miracles." Psalm 145:15

Fondly, Sharon

Thursday, March 25, 2010

No more skeletons in my closet!

Oh my goodness, it's that time again!
It's time to clean the closet!
It's time to go through all my clothes and decide what is "keep", "throw away" or "donate".
It's that horrible time that I try everything on and realize that I must simply lose weight!
In fact, I have three levels of weight that I need to lose! I finally got smart and put my pants in piles of what I suspect my weight should be to fit them. I have 120, 118 and 115 pound piles.
I then folded them and put them on the top shelf hoping that one day I will be able to fit in them again before they go out of style!
It's time for me to figure out what clothes I really want. This is my work clothes closet.
I wish I had a "before" picture of this closet, it was a huge mess! It feels good to go through everything and get rid of things!
While were in my closet, I'll show you some of my favorite things! The first is quite shoes of course!!!
I also have some pretty handbags!
This leopard print is one of my favorites. It's a vintage bag from the 60s that I found at Goodwill. It's such a classic style, it never goes out of fashion!
I also like this cute classic woven rattan bag.
I found the shoes at a second hand store and practically laid my body on the floor to get them! I think they are sooo adorable! Imagine how thrilled I was when I found a purse a few weeks later that matches perfectly!
I love my bubble gum pink handbag and matching sling pumps!
Here's a pretty gold bag with matching slip-ons.
Love the blingy buckle!
But out of all those fun shoes, guess which ones I wear the most? Yep, it's these uggies and they are my favorite! They are just so very comfortable! At one time they were cute, but now I have worn them to death and I'm sad and worried that I won't be able to find replacements that are so comfortable! The good news is, now I have a reason to go shopping!!!
Oh, so much better! It will be so much easier to pick out my outfits and get dressed in the morning!
Well, now that my closet is all clean and tidy, I better get dressed and head to work! :0)

"But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." Matthew 6:6

Fondly, Sharon
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