This blog is simply the story about my little life
with my sweet family that the Lord has blessed me with
and the day in, day out things that we do.
It basically is my online diary/photo album of our life.
I'm glad you're here!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tick tock....time to get a new clock!

Look what I found at Goodwill! Isn't it pretty! It's a crystal clock! I actually have two other ones that I have on my bathroom counters, but I recently realized I needed to find one for the living room.
For quite some time I have used this ugly, plastic, black clock for my Bible study time. It used to stay in my devotional basket, but somehow I started leaving it out on the coffee table in the living room where I like to do my study in the winter. I didn't really notice how unattractive it was until after writing this post on my blog and then realized how unappealing it looked! After that I started keeping my eye out for a prettier clock to keep in the living room.
It even has duct tape on the bottom to keep the batteries in it!
I found this for $2.99 at Goodwill and I'm thrilled about it! Why didn't I think of this before? After all, my motto is...if you can make anything more attractive, appealing, beautiful, fun, etc. than do it, so why did I put up with that silly plastic clock?
What an improvement! If you can make your surroundings more pleasing, alluring, lovely, or serene, then I say do it!!! It's funny how something so small can cheer a girl up!

As far as the old, ugly, black, plastic, duct taped together clock goes, it still has a purpose. I put it back in my basket with my Bible, prayer journal and other devotionals so I can carry it around wherever I need it and still know the time if there is no other clock in the room.

"There is a time for everything." Ecclesiastes 3:1a

Fondly, Sharon

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Family Gathering...

My niece Whitney came home from college and her parents threw her a little dinner party and invited the family! Two of my boys were unable to make it, Cameron was working and Hayden was at a basketball game.
Here's Mackenzie and Brittany waiting for the food line to start! He's being a little difficult and not showing affection to Brittany!
She knows what to do to get him to behave! lol!
My mom and Dad.
My niece's other grandparents, Earl and Carol.
The proud Dad, Ralph, with beautiful Whitney!
My nephew Harrison and his sweetie, Nikki! Harrison informed me that they just celebrated their 6 month anniversary!
Whitney's little brother, Joseph in a samurai costume!
Grayson and Grandpa.
Some of the girls, me, my Mom, my sister, Kelli, my niece Whitney and my sister Kathi. We had a wonderful family evening together. I love doing things like this, it brings all of us closer and it's so much fun!

“For God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His Sight.” Ecclesiastes 2:26

Hugs, Sharon

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Going dirt biking.....

Does a mother ever really stop worrying about her children? Believe me I try, but it is so hard when you've got a kid that likes to do crazy outdoor sports! My third son, Grayson, recently purchased a dirt bike and he's taking it to the Sand Dunes over at the coast. He doesn't really do crazy things, just guy things that make a mother worry!!!

I do pray over him and I trust God and know that he's in God's hands, but I still can't help but worry!
Isn't little Blondie cute! She sat right there on the driveway and watched them pack up. It looks like she's hoping they'll take her with them!
I not only worry about the dirt bike riding, but also the drive over to the coast in this little truck on the windy coastal highway!
Grayson has been my one child who is very daring and has had stitches the most! He hasn't had any broken bones though...praise God! Right after he graduated from high school him and his buddies had a guys getaway camp trip way up in the isolated mountains, which worried me too, but God was watching over them and they had a great time (click here to read about it). Actually, both of the older boys, Mackenzie and Cameron, had road trips with the guys too after they graduated, and I went through the same concerns! But again, God did not let me down, he watched over my boys!
I know I need to let go. He is, after all, 19 years old and no longer a little boy, but a man.

These are such great moments for my sons, but they are also faith building times for me. I need to remember that God watched over them their whole lives, why would he stop now?
Of course, the boys love the independence and feeling like men, which I do think is awesome for them!

But for me, it is just a little hard. I just hugged him one more time and prayed with him. I stood there at the porch and and waved good-bye as I whispered one more prayer...."He's in Your hands Father God, please watch over him." I stood there on the porch waving until I could no longer see the little truck. Then I turn and see this little girl sitting there waiting at the front door for me, which brings a smile to my face and I say, "Okay Blondie, let's head in the house and get some work done" and I start my day. Of course my thoughts and prayers are with them throughout the day. Grayson and Garrett arrived home safely that night at about 7:00 and they had a great day. Thank you Jesus!

"Be anxious about nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6, 7

Love, Sharon

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soooo cute!!!

Talk about adorable! This is Blondie's first ride in the backseat of the car all by herself! She looks a little bit nervous!
She's just the cutest thing ever!

Thank you God for giving us this darling puppy!

"Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

Love, Sharon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby needs a new pair of shoes....

Look at these darling little vintage bronzed baby shoes! I found them at Goodwill and I just had to have them!
They weren't always so cute, they originally were mounted on these funny wooden shelves, which I didn't care for.
Before I purchased them I studied them to see if I could remove them from the shelf and I happily discovered that they were attached to the shelf with industrial staples, which were easily removed!
I think they are so darling!
Looking at the style of them I believe they are pretty old, I'm thinking from the 1940s or 1950s. I'm not certain they are truly bronzed, they almost look spray painted.
Aren't they sweet!
Come with me and I'll show you something very special in this cabinet........
This is my special secretary hutch that I got from my Grandmother Margaret's house and I keep it in the living room. It is filled with my collection of vintage baby keepsakes that I've acquired over the years.
Do you see those brass shoes there amongst the other baby treasures?
These are just not any old pair of bronzed baby shoes......
These are actually the first baby shoes that all four of my sons wore! My mother gave them to me in 1984 at my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first baby boy, Mackenzie. Of course they were originally a very soft, white leather and they were made by Buster Brown. After Mackenzie outgrew them I saved them and let our other three sons, Cameron, Grayson and Hayden wear them too, as well as my two baby nephews, Harrison and Samuel! They were so special to me, so I decided to have them bronzed. I used a mail order company that I found in the weekly Sunday paper.
Look at the different tones. It looks like mine are actually copper, not bronze, but I paid for them to be bronzed, so who knows! Another difference is mine are very hard, like they are metal and the pair that I found at Goodwill are kind of soft and pliable; that's why I'm thinking they could be spray painted. You can see the difference in the actual style and fashion of the shoes too. The pair from Goodwill are a little larger too.

I think they are so charming and wonderful and I'm thrilled to have them. I wonder if the child's mother would be pleased that I am displaying her beloved little child's bronzed first booties in my home! I placed them on the table in our entryway, where I think they look perfect!

"He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, And setteth me upon my high places." 2 Samuel 22:34

"Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble." Proverbs 3:23

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lunch dates with my hubby!

This is something new! My husband and I get to go out to lunch quite often now! We never really did this before because of conflicting schedules, work locations and money. You see, he is a timber faller and works far away up in the mountains all the time, so going out to lunch together is normally not an option! Also, for many years I was a stay at home mother with a very hectic schedule with babies and school age children, etc. and in previous years, money seemed to always be very tight, so we didn't feel we could splurge on something like this (probably because we had the kids at home with us and if we went to lunch we would want to take everyone and that would cost a lot of money for a family of six!).
Then when the kids were almost grown and I started working outside the home I had a job in the big city about 20 minutes away, so it was too far to have a spontaneous lunch together! Well, now I have a perfect little part-time job at a doctor's office right in our little town and when he's not working due to various reasons, e.g., the weather being bad or the timber unit is done, etc., he calls me up and asks me to lunch!
I love it when he calls me up for a lunch date! I feel like a school girl again!
We meet at the Astronaut Inn and we have lunch together! I love it and I value every minute of it! P.S. Aren't you proud of me for my choice of food! No burger and fries for this girl today! :0)
It is a great time for us to catch up on our days, the kids, the house, etc. This is just another little side benefit of the empty nest, we have more time together and a little more money to splurge on lunch together. I love it and I love him!

“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11

Love, Sharon

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coffee time, sister time!

I just wanted to show some pictures from a fun day with my sister, Kathi. First we met a few of our girlfriends from high school for coffee. We got reacquainted from Facebook! It was so nice to see them all again! We stayed at the coffee shop for about two hours! What a great way to spend a January morning!
After our fun coffee tawk with the girls, Kathi and I went grocery shopping! We both had to get our groceries, so we decided to multitask and kill two birds with one stone. We met our dear friends for coffee and then we went to the store!
Doing something mundane like grocery shopping with someone special makes it so much fun!
It can also be a learning experience because you learn how the other person shops and what products they prefer and why. Kathi and I always exchange ideas when we are together and we encourage each other to be better wives and mothers. We also do this with our other sister, Kelli.
I loved this special day with my sister and I am so thankful for her in my life!

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden." ~Author Unknown

"A sister is a forever friend." ~Author Unknown

"A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17

Love, Sharon
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