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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tick tock....time to get a new clock!

Look what I found at Goodwill! Isn't it pretty! It's a crystal clock! I actually have two other ones that I have on my bathroom counters, but I recently realized I needed to find one for the living room.
For quite some time I have used this ugly, plastic, black clock for my Bible study time. It used to stay in my devotional basket, but somehow I started leaving it out on the coffee table in the living room where I like to do my study in the winter. I didn't really notice how unattractive it was until after writing this post on my blog and then realized how unappealing it looked! After that I started keeping my eye out for a prettier clock to keep in the living room.
It even has duct tape on the bottom to keep the batteries in it!
I found this for $2.99 at Goodwill and I'm thrilled about it! Why didn't I think of this before? After all, my motto is...if you can make anything more attractive, appealing, beautiful, fun, etc. than do it, so why did I put up with that silly plastic clock?
What an improvement! If you can make your surroundings more pleasing, alluring, lovely, or serene, then I say do it!!! It's funny how something so small can cheer a girl up!

As far as the old, ugly, black, plastic, duct taped together clock goes, it still has a purpose. I put it back in my basket with my Bible, prayer journal and other devotionals so I can carry it around wherever I need it and still know the time if there is no other clock in the room.

"There is a time for everything." Ecclesiastes 3:1a

Fondly, Sharon


Mrs. D said...

Hi Sharon! I have been a "lurker" for at least a couple of years. I was so sad when you stopped blogging and so excited when you began again!! I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom of four, ages 16, 13, 7 and 6. I felt led to finally write to you and let you know that you have been a Titus 2 woman to me for years, even though you didn't even know it! God has used you and your blogging to speak to me about my relationship with my husband, cherishing my children (which with a horomonal 16 year old girl, that's sometimes hard to do), taking care of my home and most importantly nurturing my relationship with Christ. So all of this to say, I'm here and THANK YOU for sharing and mentoring (even if you didn't know you were doing it). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! God Bless you and your family!

Kim D

Sharon said...

Thank you so much Kim. What a sweet comment! I am so touch that my posts help you and that the Lord is working through my blog! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas season!

Hugs, Sharon

Angela said...

If you can make your surroundings more pleasing, alluring, lovely, or serene, then I say do it!!! It's funny how something so small can cheer a girl up!

amen girl..I SO agree.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm coveting your clock lol. I think it is so pretty. I honestly never thought about getting a crystal clock. Now I want one. Hugs from me, Kathi

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