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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good deals!

One of my Christmas traditions is to go to all the thrift stores and look for Christmas decorations. I am always hoping to find something new to me that is old, vintage or just plain fabulous!
Well, I was not disappointed! The first store I went to I found this bag full of very old bird ornaments.
For me, I paid a lot, I paid $9.99 for the bag, but there were 15 birds in there.
That averages out to .75 cents each.
Not bad for these cool old birds! These three are vintage hard plastic and they have the fiber optic tails.
These guys are fabulous! They are very old blown glass with the fiber optic tails.
These gold ones seem a little newer to me, but they are still cool.
Isn't he pretty!
You can tell they are old by their aged clips.
The next place I went to had this darling tea set!
The whole set was $12.99 and 50% off, so just $6.50 for all of it.
I am really thrilled because I already have the teapot
I can't wait to make a festive tablescape with it!
The last item I want to share with you is this beautiful berry wreath.
I only paid .99 cents for it and you can see the original Pottery Barn tag on it with an original price of $29.00! Wow! I got such a great deal!
I love this wreath! It is made with such good quality!
It has a beautiful silky ribbon.... use as a hanger.
It's very heavy, the berries are made of glass.
It looks perfect hanging on the door to our office. I love Christmas shopping....don't you!!!

"Honor and majesty are found in His presence; strength and joy are found in His sanctuary." I Chronicles 16:27

Hugs, Sharon

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