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and the day in, day out things that we do.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coffee time, sister time!

I just wanted to show some pictures from a fun day with my sister, Kathi. First we met a few of our girlfriends from high school for coffee. We got reacquainted from Facebook! It was so nice to see them all again! We stayed at the coffee shop for about two hours! What a great way to spend a January morning!
After our fun coffee tawk with the girls, Kathi and I went grocery shopping! We both had to get our groceries, so we decided to multitask and kill two birds with one stone. We met our dear friends for coffee and then we went to the store!
Doing something mundane like grocery shopping with someone special makes it so much fun!
It can also be a learning experience because you learn how the other person shops and what products they prefer and why. Kathi and I always exchange ideas when we are together and we encourage each other to be better wives and mothers. We also do this with our other sister, Kelli.
I loved this special day with my sister and I am so thankful for her in my life!

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden." ~Author Unknown

"A sister is a forever friend." ~Author Unknown

"A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17

Love, Sharon


spindlecottage said...

looks like it was a fun time.

Kathi said...

That was such a fun day with you Sharon. Thank you. Love you, Kathi

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