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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning......

Twas the morning of Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!
Not even these two mice that slept under the tree! When Eric and I woke up, we found Cameron and Hayden fast asleep under the Christmas tree! I thought this was so sweet! They said that it was hot upstairs, so they came down stairs to sleep. I think it was to relive old times....they all used to do this when they were little boys.
Blondie joined them too!
Soon the whole house was awake and Mackenzie made us a fire.
Everything looks so beautiful!
As promised yesterday, here's the pictures of all of us in our matching jammies!
Isn't this adorable! Just like old times! The four boys in front of the tree in their new jammies!
Let's get Brittany in there too!
Now lets get one of the whole family. I love this picture! I think it will be next year's Christmas card!
As per tradition...the kids all have to go upstairs and wait while "Santa" fills their stockings!
I snapped some cute traditional shots of all of them waiting on the stairs for us to give the shout,
"Okay, come on down!!!"
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care!
We all have our coffee.... our special coffee cups....
...let Christmas begin!
We start with opening of the stockings.
It looks like Hayden got some nice things!
So did Eric!
Haha! I got my usual Bi-Mart sack! My husband has always given my stocking stuff to me in a bag rather than in my stocking and he just lays my stocking on top of it!
Time to deliver the gifts to everyone!!!
Oh my goodness, this is so much fun!
Brittany has quite the pile!
Mackenzie says, "All I got are these two little tiny presents." lol
Blondie got a new bone!
We started this year with Eric opening all of his gifts. We all watch each other open every gift, one at a time. I'm glad we do it this way rather than just tear into them all at once. It's nice to soak it in and savor all of it.  I'm thankful that my kids and husband have generous hearts and I know they've all put lots of effort into their gifts they purchased and we all feel it's important to stop and admire every single thing!
Everyone was so generous and creative!
He got some great things.
Now it's my turn!
Eric surprised me with a gorgeous diamond ring!
I could not believe it! I have a beautiful gold diamond wedding ring, but I thought it would be fun to have a silver cubic Zirconia ring to wear for fun on days when I wear all silver jewelry, especially since white gold is so in style right now. He surprised me with a REAL diamond set in white gold with a beautiful band of diamonds to go with it. I was dumbfounded! It is so pretty and I wore it the rest of the day, but I also felt guilty because he spent way too much money on me and I will tell you what I did about it in a later post.
It's Mackenzie's turn!
He asked for a tiny electronic thing for his music, but I forgot the name of it.  Anyway, it was spendy and took up all of his Christmas budget, so that's all he got from us. He savored the moment and unwrapped it slowly! He's so funny! I wanted to mention that we spend the exact same amount on everyone of our boys and Brittany too, down to the last penny! We like to be very fair with the kids and it works out so nice that way. We tell them the budget and then they give us their wish lists. It works out great.
He was very happy with it!
Grayson and Mackenzie checking it out.
Now it's Brittany's turn.
She got some lovely scented lotion.
She also got the salad spinner she wanted, along with some other great things and a gift card.
Cameron gets to open next!
It looks pretty big!What is it?
It's the cooler he asked for to take camping!
Grayson's happy because he's next!
He looks pleased!
A new drill!
He likes what Cameron got him.
Last, but not least, it's Hayden's turn!
He got a new fishing pole!!!
And the big exciting present....
A new Kinect for Xbox!
I love the time when we're all done opening and everyone is busy looking at their new gifts!
It's just so magical and fun. I love to savor every minute of it.
Wow! What a mess!!!
Every year it's a tradition that Eric makes the big french toast, bacon and egg Christmas breakfast!
Brittany is such a doll. She always jumps right in to help!
It was so funny to look around the room and see all of us in matching pajamas. This was a really fun thing to do!
I was busy getting the ham ready for our big Christmas dinner later when all of Eric's family comes over.
The boys playing with their new toys.
Mmmm! We're getting close!
Time to eat!
Mmmm! What a delicious breakfast!
We had such a sweet, cozy Christmas breakfast!
Kitchen patrol!
The boys were all being so helpful cleaning up the breakfast dishes.
And they also were being very funny! Especially once they knew I was taking pictures they started doing really funny poses! They will do anything for a laugh! I love my family so much! Now, I must get in the shower and get ready for Eric's family to arrive for our big Christmas dinner!

Love, Sharon

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