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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New garage fridge and freezer!

Well, it's hard to believe, but it's time to retire these two old appliances!
We have had the garage refrigerator and freezer for 25 years and they were my grandma's before that. We have abused them and just let them get really yucky. We started putting bumper stickers on them.
Mackenzie and Cameron both got these student of the month bumper stickers back in 1993!
They are very old and very worn out, not to mention that they are totally abused and misused!
They are broken down and a mess!
The freezer keeps freezing over.
And some how through the years we have lost the shelf rails and resorted to handmade rails made of duct tape! It's funny what I will put up with, but frankly, keeping these two garage appliances clean and nice have just not been a huge priority to me over all these years raising our four boys in our busy household, especially when they have slowly gotten in such bad shape. But first I want to show you something else....
Isn't it ironic though how one seemingly simple project such as purchasing new garage appliances turns into a big job? We decided to finally go to town and purchase a new refrigerator and freezer and we realized that we wanted bigger appliances and this file cabinet will be in the way. Eric decided that we really don't need it anymore, we just use it for storage for old papers that we don't want to deal with.
We have had this old, old, old file cabinet in our garage for 20 years and it's simply got to go. Unfortunately, it has 20 years worth of files in it and we have to go through each and every piece of paper.
Eric ended up taking on this chore. He boxed up what needed to be saved.
It was fun finding old keepsakes like this 4th grad turtle project that Grayson made.
Eric found all of our old taxes and bank statements, all of which needed to be shredded.
Whew what a project this ended up being. It was such a huge job looking through every single piece of paper, but the shredding itself took days!
Finally, the cabinet is completely empty.
Eric ended up with three yard bags full of shredded documents. Finally we're done with this project and we're ready to shop for the new fridge and freezer.
We got up early, got our coffee and headed for town. Eric measured the areas that they will go and he brought along the tape measure.
The first place we went to was a little dive. It was a used appliance store that has cheesy commercials on TV.
We thought that the prices were kind of hard for a used fridge. You know, I am the queen of second hand shopping, but you do need to be aware that used things are not always a better deal. If this old 1990's fridge was only $50.00, that would be a good deal, especially for a garage fridge, but $219.00 is kind of high. Also, refrigerators are tricky and we have heard and experienced that once they've been moved a couple of times they tend to breakdown. We decided to go to the next store.
We went to a really neat store that sells brand new appliances that are slightly damaged for really great prices. There were many styles and colors. The prices were just a little higher than the gross used store prices!
Eric is so good at haggling with salesmen!
It's funny how you can get excited about a boring thing like a stand up freezer! It seems like anything that's new and shiny is exciting! haha!
We finally made our decision and Eric's making the purchase. We found a brand new fridge for $397 and the freezer was only $257. When you compare this fridge to the old used one that we saw at the first store, which was much smaller and they were asking $219, this is a better deal in the long run, especially with a guarantee.
I'm so thankful for my husband. It's fun having days like this, having a goal, hanging out together and working as a team.
I found this old, old, old, freezer in the back of the store. They must have removed it from a home when they delivered a new one. It has definitely seen better days!
What was amazing to me was how clean and nice it was on the inside still because the outside is so old and rusty. It actually was sitting there still defrosting, it must have been a real workhorse!
I thought this old key hole and key were cool. Notice how the GE symbol swings up to hide the keyhole, pretty cool! Sorry, I digress....let's get back to my story.
So we made our new purchase and they were going to deliver them the next morning. We had to get busy and empty out our old ones and defrost them. I was already to clean them and bleach them out and Eric said don't bother because they were just going to get destroyed. Whew! That was good news!
Eric put all the food in coolers.
Finally, they are all emptied out and ready to be taken away to appliance heaven!
The space is all emptied out now.
Eric cleaned it all up and got rid of all the old spiderwebs and dust. I'm married to a hard working man!
Yea! They're here! They're here! They're here!
Yea! They're taking away the old appliances and Eric gave them an extra twenty bucks to take that old filing cabinet!
Bye, bye old fridge and freezer!
Hello gorgeous!
Sorry for this gross picture, but we had to laugh when we found this under the freezer when then men put it on the dolly. I wonder how long he's been under there? That explains that weird smell! lol
They fit in the spot perfectly!
Wow! They look pretty!
The fridge holds so much and is so nice and pretty!
So is the freezer. It feels so good to have it all clean and nice.
We still have the space next to the freezer, so Eric is going to build shelves to hold his work supplies.
Until then, it's a jail cell for Blondie! Haha! 
We are really happy with our new appliances and we got such a great deal. I'm so thankful!

"Go to the ant, O sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise, Which, having no chief, Officer or ruler, Prepares her food in the summer And gathers her provision in the harvest. How long will you lie down, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep?” Proverbs 6:6-9

Hugs, Sharon

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