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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slice of Life: Spreading shavings

Grayson and his friend Garrett, owed my husband some money for a project they did, so instead of cash, they worked out a deal with labor.
Eric wanted all new shavings in the backyard, so Grayson and Garrett agreed to do the work. They were able to borrow this small backhoe from their friend Connor.
It sure was a time saver!
They couldn't start until about 4:00 and unfortunately the sun went down on them. They were still able to work though. Hayden just got off work at the gas station and he came up to see what's going on.
I wanted to get a few pictures of the boys working.
It's not every day that you have a big tractor in our yard! They got three loads out, but it got too dark, so they called it a night.
The next morning Grayson finished up the job. His buddies were busy and they only could use the tractor last night, so he was on his own. He had two more loads to get out.
Blondie was eager to help him though!!
Wow, it looks really pretty!
Rachelle came over to take a little break with Grayson.
Later I went out see how he was doing and and he said, "Mom, come here and watch Blondie"
He was wrestling with her in the shavings.
It was so cute.
She loved it! One thing that I really love about our household is that even big projects and hard work, we try to find fun and joy in it. I love it that my kids will do this and that they want to share it with me.
He's all done now! It sure looks good! This was a win/win situation for us! Grayson paid off his debt and we got new shavings spread in the back yard! I think my husband is very wise to make deals like this with the boys!

Click the video above to watch Grayson playing with Blondie in the shavings.

"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word." Psalm 119:114

Hugs, Sharon

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