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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little visit from Cameron...

It's Saturday and I'm heading out the door to go thrift store shopping and out to lunch with a girlfriend, when all the sudden I hear the front door open and it's my son, Cameron!
He stopped by to use his Dad's tools to work on his truck. On the way over he stopped at the Astronaut Inn and bought a sandwich and fries for lunch.  While he as at the restaurant he noticed that his little brother, Hayden, was working at the gas station next door, so he bought him a sandwich too and took it to him! Isn't that the sweetest thing! It makes my heart melt when my boys hang out together and do nice things for each other like this. We sat and visited a bit as I was waiting for my girlfriend to arrive.
After he ate his lunch, he headed out front to work on his little truck.
I was still waiting for my friend to arrive and I went outside to talk to Cameron some more and this is what I saw! What in the world is he doing?
He's actually being quite clever. He was trying to replace some of the fuses, but he could not tell which ones were coming on because it was too bright, so he put blankets over the truck to make it dark inside!
I thought that was rather ingenious! It worked perfectly and he got his truck all fixed up!
I love little impromptu visits like this with my kids. I'm proud of Cameron for knowing how to work on his truck and repair it and I'm proud and happy that he showed love to his little brother by buying his lunch!

Now, I'm off to the thrift stores!!!

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might." Ecclesiastes 9:10a

Hugs, Sharon

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