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Monday, October 25, 2010


Homecoming in our little town is a big deal. You can just feel the energy in the air and there are so many activities leading up to the big homecoming game and the big dance. Here are a few of the highlights from the Bulldog's homecoming.

Right after the big football a week before homecoming, the cheerleaders came up to Hayden. They had a poster in their hands.
When he saw what the poster said, he started smiling and laughing.
The sign says, "Prince Hayden"!
Yep...he was announced one of the two junior homecoming princes. This is the third year in a row that he was voted a homecoming prince! I'm so proud of him.
I am so proud of him! The his whole class voted on who they thought was nice, funny and outgoing and Hayden was chosen!
It was really fun for Hayden because Haley was there and they are going to the homecoming dance together!
They are so cute!
And look what's going on over there on the darkened track.....
Its Grayson and Rachelle!
She's a cheerleader and he graduated last year. He came to the game to watch his brother play football and to watch her cheer. I love these pictures of them as they steel away for a kiss!
At school they have spirit week and every day is a different dress up day. Hayden didn't participate it in it, but Rachelle did. Here's nerd day. What a bunch of cute nerds they are!
And here's toga day. Fun times!
The girls played powder-puff football. I was not able to attend that night, but I got these pictures from Rachelle.
The senior girls won!!! Normally the boys play He-Man volleyball, but for some reason this year they did it at lunch and didn't advertise it very well, so many of the boys didn't even want to play. Hopefully they will have it at lunch next year because it is a big part of the homecoming week.
Friday afternoon before the big game they have a cute little parade down main street. I got a call that you don't get every day, it was from Hayden, "Mom, can you bring my homecoming sash to the school, I'm supposed to wear it in the parade." hahaha! Mama to the rescue! I got it down there in time for him to be in the parade!
I love this little parade!
I love our little town!
Hey, there's the cheerleaders on that firetruck! Rachelle is the last on on the right, at the very back of the truck.
They were having so much fun!
And there are all the homecoming princes. Hayden sitting right in the middle.
I'm so proud of him!
Here are the boys running on to the field! Go bulldogs! Hayden was the first one through the sign!
Cameron brought Megan to the big game!
Our friend Collin and his wife Amy came to watch and they brought their darling little boy, Caden!
At half-time they have a mini parade and each class reveals their class float.
This is so much fun!
Cameron was enjoying it!
Collin, Mackenzie and Grayson.
Me and my honey!
Time to announce the homecoming queen!!!
Then the burning of the big wooden bulldog "B".
Brittany with Amy and Caden.
We won!!!
The boys were all so happy!
Hayden and Haley!
My four handsome, amazing boys!!!
The kids goofing around.
Wow, this is the first time EVER that we have had all four boys each have a special girl! I love this picture!
Grayson and Rachelle.
Grayson and Rachelle on their way to dinner and the homecoming dance.
Isn't her dress cute! She is such a pretty girl!
Happy times!
I love this picture!!!
Hayden and Haley and Grayson and Rachelle!
Hayden gave Haley a very pretty corsage.
Here she is pinning on his boutonniere.
Mr. Homecoming prince!
Awe...they are so cute together!
Sweet! I love her dress with her boots! Just darling!
Hayden and Haley with Chevy and Hanah.
Two cool studs!
This one's cute!
One more goofy shot of the kids! What a fun night! What a fun week! Homecoming in this little town is so much fun!

"Anyone who shows respect for the Lord has a strong tower." Proverbs 14:26

Hugs, Sharon

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