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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uncle Lester and Aunt Maudie's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

My Uncle Lester and Aunt Maudie just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!
Their two daughters, Cindy and Pam threw a big party for them! It was so cute because they arrived in a vintage Cadillac and walked through this wonderful arch of balloons.
Here's the happy couple!
My mother and my Aunt Jo are congratulating them.
Here's me with my Mom and Dad.
My sister, Kelli, and her husband, Ralph.
Maudie with her girls, Cindy and Pam.
Mom, Aunt Jo and Daddy.
My Dad sitting with his brothers and an old family friend. From left to right, Dave, Wayne, Dad, Ralph, Ernie and Ellis.
My sister's, Kelli and Kathi with our cousin, Lori.
Aunt Jan.
Three sisters! Kelli, Kathi and Sharon.
The Walton boys....Ellis, Leonard, Ernie, Wayne, Lester and George.
They served a delicious lunch.
My Uncle Ellis gave a nice speech.
The cake was so pretty.
I love their vintage wedding topper!
The girls put together a wonderful table of memories.
Here's their wedding picture!
Time for cake!
This picture is so sweet. She's ready to drive away with her new husband on their honeymoon!
How precious is's the Bible that Maudie carried in her wedding bouquet!
They are vintage car buffs and own a couple of them. They belong to a group of other folks who are collectors and they go out on drives in them and go to shows. All their friends drove to the party in their old cars and they parked them all together. They were so fun to look at!
This is Uncle Lester's truck and trailer. Isn't it cute!
Happy 50th anniversary Les and Maudie! We are so happy for you and hope that you have many more happy years together!

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22

Hugs, Sharon

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