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Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Football Games!

It's football season again! There is something so fun and exciting about going to the home games at our high school! Grayson's girlfriend, Rachelle, is a cheerleader this year. She did a great job! Here she is with her cousin, Destiny.
Throughout the season we had a lot of different family members come to the games to watch Hayden play. Here's Mackenzie and Brittany.
My sister's boys, Samuel and Joseph.
Here's my Daddy ready to watch his grandson play!
Go Bulldogs!
Cameron with Grandpa.
Grayson, Joseph and Mackenzie.
Grayson and Rachelle.
I thought this was a sweet picture of Rachelle stopping on the bleacher steps to talk to my Dad.
My sister's husband, Ralph, Samuel, Mackenzie and you can see a little bit of Grayson.
We're all here to watch this guy.....#14!
The Bulldogs won!!! Here's Hayden with some of his buddies, Sam and Matt.
My football player!
Joseph, Ralph, Hayden, Grandpa and Samuel.
Brittany, Mackenzie, Hayden and Cameron.
Grayson and Rachelle.
My four handsome sons, Grayson, Mackenzie, Hayden and Cameron.
Eric and I go to every single game. Sometimes we have to drive for two hours to get to the away games. We end up eating in funny restaurants, but we sure have fun!
We walked into the stadium and saw Hayden practicing.
Here he is talking with a friend before the game started.
The team walking out on the field before the game started.
I think it's interesting that with such a masculine sport, that it's customary for the guys to hold hands as they walk out onto the field. I love tradition!
They're all lined up as they call the names of the starters. Hayden almost always gets his name called. I am proud of him.
He's so cute!
They are getting jazzed up to start the game.
Waiting for the coin toss.
Let's start this game! They're running out onto the field.
Hayden's looking at the coach for instructions on the next play.
Go Bulldogs!
Hayden's on this end of the field.
Here he is running over  to the sidelines to get a drink.
He plays so hard and gets so thirsty. I love this picture.
Hayden and his friend Chevy.
It's half time and the boys are heading into the locker room.
There's Hayden.
Hayden is also the kicker. He is actually really good at kicking. He scores about 98% of the time with all the balls he kicks!
We won! We actually blew them away! Wow!!!
Good job guys!
 Another game we traveled about an hour to a town where Eric's sister and husband live, so we met at their house for dinner and we all went to the game together. They wanted to show us their new home they just purchased. It's really pretty.
 Stacey was busy in the kitchen. I love their cream cabinets.
 We had a delicious lasagana dinner with great conversation.
Stacey and Jim in front of their new home.
After dinner went to the game together.
I love this picture of the boys walking out to the field.
The boys are lined up for the Star Spangled Banner.
There's Hayden.
They're doing great!
There's Rachelle with the other cheerleaders.
Go #14!
Woot-whoo! That's three wins guys! Awesome!!!
Good job Hayden!
Hayden with his Aunt Stacey and Uncle Jim.
Proud Mom and Dad and brother with Hayden.
Great job Hayden, now hit the showers!
Oh, one more thing, Hayden made the local paper! I love this picture of him. We are so proud of him!

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Hugs, Sharon

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