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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our yard in September....

Just checking in with an update of our yard.
I love how everything looks in September. The flowers seem to be at their fullest bloom and it's just so pretty.
The sun is lower in the sky stretching the shadows. I love September! I love fall!
Our impatient is blooming beautifully.
The flower pots by the french doors have grown and are doing great.
Hot September afternoons are so relaxing!
The shaded deck.
Here's a nice little sitting area.
Here's a pretty shot of our little orchard.
And here's another nice shot looking down towards the house.
The garden is doing awesome.
The corn is just about ready!
Hey, there's a big handsome guy out in my garden! lol
The bush beans are ready for picking!
Our first pumpkin!
The artichokes are ready!
Aren't they beautiful!
Hey, there's a big beautiful yellow dog in my garden!
Look at all the sunflowers! Every single one of them volunteered!
This one must have tasty seeds! It looks like the birds have all been nibbling on it!
They are so pretty and they seem to all look different!
They are so cheerful!
Can you see the honey bee on this one? Look closely and you'll see him.
They perk up the garden for sure!
What a great way to feed the birds!
Let's walk through the grape arbor.
It's so magical in here!
The walls are made of grape vines and leaves.
I love it!
Hey, there's another handsome guy up there and he's watering the flowers! Hee hee
Eric found this old milk can on one of the timber units he was cutting at work and he brought it home. I love how old and rusted it is.
Beautiful gladiola.
Fall is here. The pool is abandoned and dirty.
There's dry pine needles all over the trampoline. School has started and there's no time for Hayden to play in the pool or on the trampoline any more, so they sit unused.
Okay, let's head out to the front yard now. This is our pathway that Eric made in front of our little front porch.
I love it.
One day the boys and I went to work with Eric out in the woods and we found an old abandoned homestead which had a pile of these white bricks stacked up near by. They say "Mex-R-Co Aztex" I loved them when I saw them, so we brought them home.
When he designed the pathway, he incorporated the white bricks into the pattern. I love how it turned out.
One day when we were cleaning up our place for a party Eric was power washing and he mentioned that he was going to get rid of all the moss growing in-between the bricks and I shouted..."PLEASE NO!!!!!!" I went on to say that is what makes it the path look so old world and cool! He was happy to oblige me and he left it.
Hey, there's a handsome guy out there mowing our grass! Haha!
The flowers on the front porch are in full bloom!
They look so pretty!
It's funny because they are all so big and pretty now, but in about a month, they will get to big and long and gangly and not look so pretty anymore.
I love this big, fat, sweet bird!
There's a cute little bunny hiding in the flowers!
Our fuchsia is still going strong!
A little hummingbird is visiting!
Wow! The colors in these petunias are so bright and brilliant!
This is the hanging basket that Eric gave me for our anniversary. It's still in full bloom.
This is our hedge that's around our front yard.
We ordered it from a catalog in the back of a magazine. It's a growing "fence" and it's made of three different types of plants.
I forgot the name of the three different bushes, but I do think one of them is a Rose of Sharon.
When they arrived in the mail they were just sticks. It's hard to believe that this huge hedge started with just 12 sticks! Eric planted them in the fall and the next spring they were all pretty big and they just kept growing after that!
The kids have always had fun playing football, tag, GI Joes, etc out here and have felt safe.
I love it because it looks neat from the street and it gives us privacy in the front yard.
Well, that's the end of our September yard tour. Hey look, you can see the geese heading South. We better get ready for winter!

"Learn from the way the wild flowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothes like one of them." Matthew 6:28-29

Hugs, Sharon

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