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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The last days of summer.....

Summer's coming to an end. School will be starting in a few days. I asked Hayden if he'd like to go out to breakfast one last time before school started.
He said he'd love to, but he had to drive his own rig because he had to work at 10:00 right after we were done.
Having his own truck and being able to drive himself is still new to him. I'm proud of him!
My handsome boy. At the end of summer I get kind of sad. To me this reminds me that they are going in a higher grade level and they are another year older. I'm so proud of him though! This summer he got his first job, got his license, got his first checking account and debit card and got bought his first truck! He really has grown from boy to man.
 I love being a mom and doing fun things like this!
The next day Hayden made breakfast for me,  Grayson and his friend, Rian. I thought that was really sweet. He made pancakes!
My cute youngest son. He's going to be a junior this year and I just can't believe it!
Watching TV with Rian while the food was cooking.
It was Friday, so Grayson was home too. I love having my kids around!
It's always fun to have Blondie around too!
The boys are just hanging out and enjoying one of their last lazy summer morning.
On labor day we just had a quiet day at home. Here's Grayson and his friend, Garrett, hanging out in the carport as Eric is barbecuing.
Eric is making his famous barbecued chicken legs.
He's proud of his work! Hee hee!
He really enjoys barbecuing!
Blondie wishes Eric would quit cooking and throw the Frisbee!
She's such a sweet dog!
We had a nice quiet dinner with Grayson and Rachelle. Hayden was working at the gas station, so he could not join us and our other boys had plans too.
We were glad these two could join us!
Mmmm! Barbecued chicken, corn on the cob and fresh green salad, the perfect all American meal, what a great way to end the summer. Next on tap....back to school!

"Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!"

Hugs, Sharon

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