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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy birthday to me!!!

Today is my 49th birthday! I can't believe I'm almost a half-century old!
My son, Cameron, took me to lunch! He was not able to attend our family birthday dinner for me tonight, so we went to lunch. We had such a great time together. He is such a sweet boy.
When I got home my sweet husband had some pretty flowers waiting for me!
What a lovely bouquet!
Mackenzie and Brittany came over.
Brittany made me a delicious cheese cake!
Brittany and me.
Me and Grayson.
Me and Rachelle. She brought me these pretty flowers!
Me and Hayden.
Me and Blondie!
We had a wonderful dinner of barbecued steak, green salad and baked potatoes. As per our family tradition, this is the dinner that I requested!
This is what I love, a good meal with my family all around me.
We have the best times together.
I couldn't ask for a better family.
Or a happier home!
Seriously? I'm that old that it takes three people to light my candles? hahaha
I love this picture of Brittany lighting the candles.
That's a lot of candles!!!
Happy birthday to me!
Making a wish!
Time for presents!!!! Yea!!!
I love reading the sweet cards; they mean so much!
Let's dig into that wonderful cheese cake!
She did not disappoint!
It was wonderful!
The next day I saw this bowl sitting there filled with the candles from my birthday cake.
It looks like there are so many there! I'm getting old!
I was blessed with many lovely gifts and cards and well wishes. 
It was a good day. Birthday's are fun!!!

"But Though, O Lord, art a shield about me, my Glory and the One who lifts my head." Psalm 3:3

Hugs, Sharon

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