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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Putting Christmas away.........

Well, all good things have to come to an end and it's time to put all of the Christmas decorations away. I like to put all my Christmas decor away before New Years Eve, so I have to get on it a few days after Christmas day. I am so thankful that we had such a wonderful Christmas season this year, we really did have a nice one! Any way, a few of you have asked how I store all of my Christmas things, so I thought I would show you!
I won't go over how I pack away all my decorations, but I will show you how I pack up my Santa and snowman shelf.
Believe it or not, it all fits in one large size plastic tote.
Inside it I have four shirt boxes and each box represents a shelf.
Surprisingly, this process does not take long at all.
The top shelf is already done!
Now that that shelf is done and all the items are placed in the box, I put the lid on it and move to the next shelf.
Yea! I'm done! The shelf is empty and the tote is all filled up with the lid on it. The little shelf is a temporary shelf that just stays there for the Christmas season; I store it in the attic with all the other holiday decorations.
The next step is labeling the outside of all of my boxes. I salvaged these labels from the recycle bin at work!
I have always marked the outside of my boxes, but over the years everything got mixed up, so this year I put all new labels on every single box.
The next step I did this year was have the boys take up all the boxes and stage them in the guest room while I cleaned out our attic spaces.
The problem is we store our Christmas in this little side attic behind the wall in Grayson's room.
It's long and thin and we have to crawl in to get the boxes and drag them out. Last year Hayden was my helper getting everything out, but this year I did it all by myself and it was HARD! I was so sore for the whole next week with terrible body pain. I didn't put two and two together and because my hands were aching so terribly bad I was really frightened that I had some sort of serious case of advanced arthritis! Finally it dawned on me that the hand and knee pain was due to me crawling on the hard wood and dragging boxes! I was relieved, but then I thought to myself that I have got to come up with a better solution so I don't put myself through pain like this every year.
What a cute helper he is!!! Since the boys are growing up and soon will be moving out, I realize that I will have to be able to do this job by myself or plan a day when my hubby is home to help me.
So I decided to put all of the Christmas boxes in this walk-in attic space so that I can get to them easily and bring them down stairs with less effort! This was a very big project because this attic was full of junk! I had to empty it out completely.
Just look at all this embarrassing junk!
I dragged all of the boxes out of the attic and placed them in Hayden's room which is next door to the attic.
My plan was to put all of the regular attic stuff in Hayden's room, completely empty out the walk in attic and place the Christmas boxes that were currently staged in the guest room in the newly cleaned out walk in attic. Then after that was done I would go through all of these boxes and only keep a few things and put them in the crawl space attic in Grayson's room! Whew! Makes me tired just talking about it!
I had stuff EVERYWHERE upstairs! This job took several days.
Okay, the attic is finally cleaned out.
It's empty and all ready for the Christmas boxes to move in.
I am so pleased that they all fit so nicely!
This should make it so much easier next year when it's time to bring all the boxes down stairs.
Every box is clearly labeled too!
I am so happy with how everything turned out!
This also makes it easier for me when I buy new Christmas things throughout the year to find the correct box and place it in there!
So much better! It took a lot of work, but now it makes since, is all organized and I have no more "hidden junk in the attic shame"!

"Happy is he... whose hope is in the Lord his God." Psalm 146:5

Love, Sharon

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