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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Christmas party....

It's time for our annual Christmas party that we give for a group of our friends in our little town. This is the seventh year we've done this and we look forward to it every year! The coffee is ready to go with cream and sugar and some Christmas M&Ms near by!
The wine glasses are all prepared. The drinks are on ice!
I set out Eric's grandmother's china and crystal dishes.
I set out a few things to snack on and I asked each couple to bring a tray of appetizers. This works really well and we usually end up with way too much food, but it is all so delicious! The guests started arriving!
So many good friends!
We all know each other from our kids going to school together in our little community.
I love living in this small town and having all these wonderful friends!
We had about 35 people in our house and at the beginning of the party all 35 of them were crammed in our little kitchen! :0) Eventually people started to spread out throughout the rest of the house!
We had a white elephant gift exchange and it was pretty hilarious! Mark got a leopard print Snuggie!
This is one of the presents Eric and I gave, it's an "Ugly Christmas sweater" that I found at Goodwill and on the outside of the package I wrote that it was a gift for a man. I just knew it would be funny and I was so happy when Chris opened it and so gladdly modeled it for all of us!
Someone got some "Depends" :0)
I don't know what she opened, but it must have been pretty bad! lol!
Here's a lovely pig cookie jar! We had a lovely evening! The guests all stayed until 1:30. I always feel like it's a succesful party if the guests stay late! We feel so blessed with our friends and it is such a great way to help celebrate the season!
Oh, one more thing........
What do you do when your toilet is broken and you're having a party with many guests? It's simple, you just leave a cute little poem and tape it to the toilet! It worked, we didn't have any problems and I even got a few compliments on my talent for writing poetry! Hee hee!

"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27: 17

Hugs, Sharon


Angela said...

I am SO going to do the same thing with my toilet...what a great idea and like your toilet, if you don't hold it until it's 'done' it just doesn't work

I'v read the above post and came to this one too now and oh girl..I just loved them both, and I'm so enjoying the music also...Your get togethers both looked so wonderful and you could see the love through the pics..

adsgram said...

Sure looked like everyone had a wonderful 2009 Christmas Season, Sharon!

Love your note for the potty, too! You are a poet indeed! Also, I am going to play your playlist in the background as I read other's great!


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