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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A nice evening with Cameron....

I was missing my son Cameron, so I called him up and asked if he would like to meet for dinner after work! We'll have a mom date, just like when he was little!
So after I got off work, I swung into Target where he works and then we went to his house.
Here's the cute house that he lives at. Cameron is 23 and graduated from Bible college a year ago. He's taking a year off and then will start school again in the fall to obtain his Master's degree. In the meantime, he's working at Target and living in this little house with a couple of roommates and enjoying life!
He wanted to get cleaned up and out of his Target uniform, so we stopped by his house first so he could change before we went out to dinner.
There, that's better! He's all showered and changed, so we'll head out for dinner. While we're here though, let's get some pictures of his room. First of all, I was quite impressed with how clean and tidy it was! He was laughing because I guess just a few days ago there were mountains of laundry and junk with basically a trail to his bed!
This is his kitty, Ethel, she's such a funny cat! She's Cameron's cat, but the guys have all adopted her as the house cat! I love that antique map of the Holy Land he has on his wall. I actually found that for him at a church rummage sale. I think it is an old Sunday school map. I also really like that funky lamp. He found that at a thrift store when he was first looking for furniture.
He found this neat buffet table at a garage sale. It's a really cool one because it is also a room divider and has the shelves on this side and drawers on the other side. I could just see this in an old Cary Grant/Dorris Day movie placed in an uptown New York apartment and used as a wet bar to fix dry martinis!
I like his sense of style.
It's very eclectic and cool, yet warm and cozy. Notice the large round yellow and brown ball sitting on his end table? This is another treasure that I found for him at a rummage sale. It is an old ophthalmology model and is made of real wood! It is so vintage and cool. It comes all apart and you can see the different parts of the eye! I'm thinking that it was probably a model used in medical school or perhaps it was purchased by an ophthalmologist to use to share things with his patients about their eyes.
When I turned to look at this wall where his closet doors are, I said what's this and he went on to explain that it's his idea board. You see, Cameron is a writer and he is a theologian. He needed a place to write down his many thoughts and then he had a great idea! He put clear contact paper on his white closet doors. He then used dry erase markers and turned the closet doors into giant dry erase boards! He put brown dashes all around the edges so he would not accidentally write on the actual closet doors! He said it works perfectly and erases great. After a couple of months it gets a little worn and tired, so he simply peels it off and puts new contact paper up! That's a very smart idea Cameron!!!!

But what I am really proud of is what he has written on these doors, on one door he has jotted some ideas about God and on the other door he has jotted down ideas for the book he is writing! The notes on the left side, his notes about God, especially touch me. He said that he and his friend Megan love to talk deeply about God and love to dissect thoughts and ideas about God's attributes.

It says, "God is Love" and then has different things written like "Love is eternal, God is eternal" I am so very touched and proud that my son loves God so much and wants to know more about Him. This is something I have prayed over all of my kids since they were born, that they would have a love and hunger for God!
On the other side he has notes and ideas about the book he's writing. He's got ideas written about his story line and each character and the world they live in.
The note on the very top says, "Nothing makes me angrier than the innocent oppressed. Nothing inspires me more than the resistance of the weak. Nothing depresses me more than the fact that the weak are forced to stand because the strong stood aside." This is the heart of his book!
I am so very proud of him! After visiting at his house for a little bit we went out for Chinese food and I forgot to take pictures, but we had a wonderful dinner and a wonderful visit. I am so grateful to God for hearing my prayers and honoring my requests that all of my sons will grow to be strong men of God, they will be men of character and strength, they will be productive, law abiding citizens and they will be fulfilled and happy!

Oh, one more thing for you mothers out there. If your child has moved out and you start missing them, just call them and make a date for dinner, your treat! They are always willing to go if Mom and Dad are buying and tell them that you'll even come pick them up! If you meet them on their turf, it is easy for them. They are so busy already and so, why not make it easy for them to say yes! Having a little Mom date like this is a great way to catch up with your child and stay close.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Love, Sharon


Kathi said...

I am so proud of Cameron and his book and how he loves the Lord so much. His house is so cool. I'm glad you got to have a fun mom date with him. Those times are so special. Kathi

Kathi said...

Sharon, Kim at Happy@Home left you a comment and it would not deliver. Could you see if you got it? Thank you. She wanted you to know she stopped in. Hugs, K.

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