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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating for Christmas main bath, guest room and guest bath

Okay, here's the last of the Christmas tour of our home! Today we will be seeing the downstairs powder room, the stairs and the guest room. Above is a picture of our powder room. I know it's dark, but I wanted to show you what it looks like at night.
Here's my collection of Christmas lapel pins.
I have them all nestled together in a vintage holly leaf-shaped dish.
Here's my little display on my jewelry armoire in the powder room.
I placed a silver metal basket in the corner and filled it with fun treasures.
Isn't the silly snowman head fun!
Same display at night with the candle lit.
I love to put floating candles in the bathtub for parties. It just gives off such a special glamorous ambiance!
This year I added some silver plastic Christmas balls. I was so excited when I discovered that they floated!
On the counter I have one of my favorite little Christmas books called "A Christmas Gathering" it is full of cute little Christmas sayings and old Victorian pictures.
Okay, lets head up the stairs now!
You can see my new berry garland that I got this year wrapped up the stair banister.
I love how it looks!
You can see the poinsettia on the landing and a berry wreath on the front door.
This shelf at the top of the stairs really is the top of a downstairs closet. I just placed a little mini wreath on the bird house that always sets there and put a little candle sitting in another mini wreath.
Here's the table on the landing at the top of the stairs.
I have our nativity set here as well a vintage light up jewelry Christmas tree.
Now lets head into the guest room.
This room already looks so Christmasy because of all the red and white, so it's pretty easy to decorate!
I have this old typewriter sitting on a cabinet and I simply placed some vintage Christmas cards in it.
I love how it looks!
What an easy way to display these wonderful old cards that really are works of art! Notice the card that says, "For the Milk Man at Christmas", isn't that a blast from the past! They sure don't make them like that anymore!!! LOL!
Here I have an old plush Santa sitting with some of my very old Christmas books. I set a light up Santa on the cabinet behind the chair.
I love these old books!
This is such a cozy room!
More vintage cards.
In this corner I just set a few Christmas touches here and there.
Some Napco choir angles spelling out Noel! Aren't their little faces so sweet!
Another light up Santa, a plastic white wreath from the 60s and a gingham stocking.
Here's an old wind up Christmas tree that plays "Oh Christmas Tree." I put plastic plug in fake candlesticks in all the windows at the front of the house. They look so great at night! You can see the one I put in the dormer window at the back of this picture.
I wanted to show you this. It's a basket filled with homemade Christmas cards that my boys have made when they were tiny. We started this little tradition when they were all really small.
I wanted them to really know that Christmas was about Jesus's birthday so I had them make Jesus a birthday card! I saved all the Christmas cards that we received the year before and them pick their favorite ones and cut them and then glue them to cardboard that we wrapped foil wrapping paper on.
I saved every one of them. Here's one that Mackenzie made.........
...and one of Hayden's. Aren't they so cute and precious! They mean so much to me because my boys made them with such love for Jesus!
A few last pictures of the whole room......
It's all ready......
would you like to come for a visit?
Merry Christmas everybody!

"All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"—which means, "God with us." Mathew 1:22-23

~ Sharon


as always starzie said...

Oh Sharon! I just loved all of the decorating you so lovingly displayed. I don't know what display I love better! It is hard to choose. I do love the plastic light up Santas. Did you find them at Goodwill? And your large collection of Santas and Snowmen are so interesting and fun to look at. Maybe my favorite is your vintage Baby Jesus collection. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! It just started my day on such a happy note!

Take care,

Hugs from Darlene

Linda said...

Sharon you have such a pretty home and for Christmas it was just gorgeous! Loved my visit..hugs, Linda

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