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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My friend Jill's house!

This is my dear friend Jill. She is one of the Tacky girls that I have mentioned before; Tacky stands for Treasures, Antiques, Crafts, Kitchenware and Yard Sales. It was a group of six of us that gathered once a month to do a craft together and to share our thrift store treasures. We also did day trips and shopped together. It was such a fun group, but sadly, life changes and we ended up disbanding.
Well, it had been awhile since I had seen Jill and she emailed to tell me that she was having a craft sale and class she invited me to come. When I drove up I saw this wonderful sale she was having! I bought the cute white with red trim old sled there on the left side of the picture!
Jill is very artistic (click here to read her blog) and very talented. She makes all kinds of craft projects and she is a genius at scrapbooking. Above is a picture of her teaching a class in her living room.
She is teaching the ladies how to make a banner like this one.
She is so organized and so graciously opened her home. She lined up tables in her living room!
Here's one of the ladies working on her project.
Aren't they cute!!! I love how this one turned out! Look at all the detail with the lace, buttons, ribbon and glitter, soooo cute!!!
Be prepared to drool! I am going to take you on a little tour of her beautiful home now! We will start in her studio!
Oh my gosh!!! There are fabulous treasures everywhere I look!
The main colors in this room are pink, cream and black.
I love this fabulous cubby shelf she has in the corner.
It's full of all kinds of wonderful treasures including this adorable little pup with the perky polka dot bow tie!
She has jars full of her collections and her art supplies.
I love this little vintage shelf she has hanging on the wall. She has lettered game cubes stacked up to spell "Create" and "Art"; she's so cleaver!
What a great idea to store all of her spools of ribbons!
More shelves to hold her supplies. I'm coveting those two head vases sitting on the shelf hanging on the wall!
Isn't this space just so cute!
Here's her desk and her computer where she blogs! Take a closer look at the shelf above the desk.
It's full of old jewelry boxes which she so cleverly uses to store all of her scrapbooking supplies! I thought this was such a fabulous idea!
She has old metal bins to store her fabric scraps.
Okay, lets move onto the rest of the house, it is so pretty and all decked out for Christmas! I love this little gossip chair in her entry way. She's displaying her awesome Christmas collage wreath there on a stand. We made these wreaths at one of our Tacky gatherings!
In the living room she has the most marvelous collection of vintage Christmas items!
When she and her husband bought this house they had these fabulous bookshelves built around the fireplace.
They are the perfect spot for her to display all of her Christmas things.
Her pretty mantle display.
Here's a cute shelf full of beautiful antique tea cups and other pretties!
Okay, now lets head into the dining room. I love this beautiful display on her buffet.
As the centerpiece she has a silver tray with little Christmas village houses and in the center of the tray she has one under a cloche.
Such a serene peaceful display!
What a beautiful centerpiece for her dining room table. It's a three tiered silver appetizer tray filled with vintage Christmas balls and beads. I love the beautiful colors in this room, turquoise, cream and silver.
Here's a cute corner filled with birdcages!
Jill made these two matching pictures.
They are collages with nests and various ephemera.
I love the cranberries in this crystal pedastol dish with a candle in the center.
What a cute windowsil display!
I love these red cardinals and you know what? I have the exact same ones! Great minds think alike!
So cheery and cute.
Love the touch of the vintage postcard and the lace.
This neat hutch is built in! She has all kinds of fun vintage kitchen items tucked in here.
I love this hoosier! The color is fabulous. Look at her wonderful collection of vintage aprons hanging there.
More fun vintage kitchen items!
We have very similar tastes and I want everything on this shelf! LOL!
Such a cute vintage bread box! I love the neat basketweave bowl filled with cookie cutters and small utencils. Notice the apple creamer filled with vintage cupcake picks.
I'm loving this red, white and silver display!
What a fun time I had visiting my friend Jill, what a wonderful blessing she is! She is not only so talented with all of her crafts and decorating, but she loves the Lord and is tons of fun! Thank you, Jill, for inviting me and for letting me share pictures of your home on my blog! Love you!!!

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9

Hugs, Sharon


Diva Kreszl said...

wow! this was such fun, looking over eaxch photo, noticing so many wonderful details and gathering lots of ideas! thank you for sharing this, it was truly the next best thing to being there. I'll be hopping over to visit her blog now :)

adsgram said...

That was a LOT of eye candy! I would be walking around for hours...just so I didn't miss anything! Thanks to Jill for letting you share...


Amy said...

Wow! I will have to save this post in my notebook for inspiration. I LOVE all of her decorations and stuff and especially her craft room! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Sharon, what a fun tour! I really enjoyed seeing Jill's lovely home...seeing her Christmas has put me in the mood for the holidays...hugs, Linda

Connie said...

I'd love having all that room to "play" around in, sugar. Tell her for me that it's wonderful!

Mardell said...

I'm gasping for air! Whoa, what a gorgeous home & look at those treasures! Yea, talk about eye candy!! :o) I love head vases too, but they're usually so expensive. Cool idea w/the jewelry boxes. Wow. Great tour!

I love the sled, Sharon. I can picture that on your front porch this winter!!
Have a great weekend.

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