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Friday, February 5, 2010


This is Rachelle. Rachelle is my third son, Grayson's girlfriend. She is such a sweet girl! I am so blessed with Brittany as my daughter-in-law and I am also very blessed with Rachelle as my son's long-term girlfriend! They've been together for 2 years now and going strong! Anyway, the reason I am talking about her is that she was so sweet and gave me a kit to grow my own Amaryllis!
I forgot to take a picture of the box, but it comes in a cute little box with instructions.
I did, however, save the side of the box with the instructions and they are quite easy indeed! You simply plant the bulb in dirt, water it and wait!
So this is what I did! I found an old vintage canister and planted the bulb in there. Can you see's already growing a little!
Wow! It is growing so quickly and seems to be taller every morning!
Wow! Look at it now! I can't wait to see it finally bloom!
The buds are getting bigger!
Oh finally, I see the buds beginning to open up!
Oh my goodness! Isn't this bloom glorious!!! I took several pictures in-between the last one and this one, but I lost them on my computer. :0(
It is such a brilliant red!
The blooms are huge!!!
Here comes the other bloom.....
Isn't that amazing! It's so gorgeous!
What a fun gift idea!
I really enjoyed watching this flower grow and bloom!
The flower is just as beautiful as the one who gave it! Thank you Rachelle for the thoughtful gift! After the flower bloomed, I planted it outside and it kept growing! We didn't get any more blooms though, but maybe we will next January! :0)

"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever." Isaiah 40:8

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

Sharon, What a fun project and beautiful flower. What a sweet girl Rochelle is. You are indeed so blessed Sharon. Hugs, Kathi

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