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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Decorations!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so I thought I would share with you some of my Thanksgiving decorations!
This is my kitchen windowsill display. If you've been reading my blog for long, you know how much I enjoy decorating my windowsill for every season and holiday. It just cheers me up when I wake up every morning and get my first cup of coffee and see my current display!
I have two sets of vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers as well as a vintage postcard. I nestled some amber colored glass votive holders in the display as well.
Here's a very heavy glass Avon turkey votive holder.
A few of my vintage Thanksgiving Gurley candles.
Here's a few more with a new ceramic turkey candle holder (sorry the picture is so dark!)
Here's my little bookshelf display.
I like how cozy it looks with the candles lit at night!
Another view of the bookshelf. You can see my bee's wax turkey made from an old mold hanging there on the side. I found it at Goodwill for .99 cents!
Here's a close-up. I used to see these at an antique shop I often visited and they were about $15.00 a piece, so I got a very good deal!!!
Here's an unusual orange Lucite partridge, he is not really a Thanksgiving thing, but he looks fallish and I think he fits in just fine! :0)
Here's a new little pumpkin pitcher that I found at a local junk store. It is really old and I only paid .50 cents for it!!! I also added the vintage brown jar to this display. I added a fall foliage mini wreath to the top of the jar and place a votive inside. It looks so pretty at night when lit as it the brown glass casts such a beautiful fall glow!
On top of our computer desk I placed a ceramic pilgrim and turkey together with another amber glass votive holder. The brass pine cone is a Christmas ornament.
In the dining room I used a cornucopia as my center pieced flanked by two tall and skinny Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim carved wood statutes.
You can see my vintage turkey hanging on the front of the china hutch. He used to be a class room decoration from an old grade school! I simply glued some vintage ribbon on the back and hung him up!
A new set of turkey salt and pepper shakers. I am gaga over ceramic turkeys!
Here's a little corner on the china hutch. I filled an old brown transferware cup up with candy corn and placed a little votive candle inside to create a cute, warm, fall look. I set a vintage cream and brown turkey candle next to it.
More vintage Gurley turkey candles! It's amazing that they survived all these years!
This funny turkey once did not look so well in my house, he had lots of pink on him,so I just got out my burgundy paint and painted his snood and wattle red! Now he fits in perfectly as he holds candy corn and candy pumpkins for me! You know, I'm starting to get a little wattle under my chin now too! LOL!
This cute little vintage ceramic squirrel is warming himself next to another amber glass votive holder. Behind him there is an old orange colander filled with fall colored potpourri.
I'm sorry that this picture is so dark, but here's my mantle. I used the same fall foliage and beads that I had up for Halloween. I placed a big ceramic pumpkin that says "Welcome" right in front of the fireplace. Simple, yet effective!
Here's the entry way table. I place a vintage looking ceramic pumpkin on top of three antique books and placed a cute little pilgrim and turkey next to them. This is the first thing that guests see when they arrive, so I like to have nice holiday touches here!
This is the top of the little shelf/curio cabinet that I have. This is my new awesome turkey candle holder I found at a darling little country store this fall! He is my all time new favorite thing!!! I placed a few more vintage books near him with a giant ceramic nut on top!
I found this new turkey wreath at Goodwill this year for $2.99!
Here's my cool heavy, heavy, cast iron pot that I found at Goodwill for $3.00. I love the oak leave and wheat design on the top. I nestled some pine cones and some votives inside and it looks pretty when lit. Next to this I have a cute little squirrel picture and of course some candy corn in the candy dish!
I put some cute little glass Thanksgiving things in the bathroom with a vintage postcard.
Here's another old cardboard turkey classroom decoration. I hot glued ribbon to the back so that I could hang him from this bookshelf.
Well, that's all of my Thanksgiving decorations! I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving this year!!!

"Let the fields and their crops burst forth with joy." Psalm 96:12

Love, Sharon


Mardell said...

Everything is so lovely Sharon! You have THE decorating touch (for every season.) I'm so glad you're back. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. ♥

Elena said...

Such beautiful decorations!

Linda said...

It rainy here today and a perfect day to sit and enjoy all your Thanksgiving pretties. I'm a turkey collector too....I think I must be gaga over them too:).

Hope your Mother's Day was lovely...hugs, Linda

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