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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shopping, Six Flags and Home again!

Oh sad day, we are down to the last of our vacation! Actually, we were planning on leaving on Friday, but when we got on the computer to find out the hours of Six Flags, we found out that they we only open on weekends during the off season. We were so bummed out, but then decided that we would just stay an extra day at Mike and Rhochelle's and we invited them to come along with us to Six Flags on Saturday! So we had an extra day and time to kill, so we went to Goodwill! The Goodwill in Huntington Beach was very different than the one's I'm used to here in Oregon. This one was called Goodwill Marketplace.
The front part of the store was a typical Goodwill store, but the back was a huge warehouse.
We entered into this area and we heard what sounded like an auctioneer rattling off numbers, 55, 55, do I hear 60? 60, 60, do I hear 65? 65? 65? One once, going twice, sold to the lady in the back for $60.00! We soon discovered that it was an auction yard and people were bidding on big 5'x5' bins full of Goodwill junk! It was really interesting to watch. Once a person wins their bin, they take it out to their car and start sorting through it and they only keep what they want. I bet sometimes they find real treasures! I think most of the bins were going for about $60.00, so if they found a few things worth twenty or thirty dollars, they made money. We obviously did not bid on a bin, but I did find some treasures inside the store. I found a beautiful stitched pillow and an antique small oval picture of fruit.
After that we went to the little shops and a street fair right on Huntington Beach .
They were having a little outdoor market going on, so we got to look at all kinds of local art. Here's Rhochelle and I in front of the outdoor market.
On the way home we stopped at an army surplus store at the request of the boys. When we pulled in we saw this super cool vehicle that they wanted to check out.
It was some kind of dune buggy for dessert storm. Grayson was especially interested in it since he is making a dune buggy in our garage!
Well, that's the end of our shopping day. I like the way the sun is setting the buggy with the silhouette of the palm trees in this picture.
Here's a picture of me holding adorable Misty. I have not been much of a dog person in my life, but I really bonded with this little girl and she makes me want to get a little toy dog sometime in the future! We always had such fun evenings with our friends. They have TiVo and recorded all the episodes of CSI, so we got hooked on watching them every night after a nice soak in the hot tub!
The next morning we packed a lunch and headed to Six Flags! We took two vehicles and you can see Eric's red truck ahead of us in this picture. What a thrill it is when you pull up to the front of an amusement park, you just know there is so much fun ahead of you!!! There is nothing like it! :0)
Here's the whole gang! Lisa brought her friend Ashley, so the four of the kids had fun walking around and going on rides together.
We went on several extreme rides! I was a big girl and didn't cry and I actually had fun! The one above is called the Scream and it is so scary looking, but all of the adults were surprised after we went on it how much fun we had!
We bought this picture of the kids because it was so cute and shows how much fun they are all having! Wow, what a blast!!!
Eric and Mike enjoying themselves at the park.
Mike and Rhochelle and Eric and Sharon. The two guys have been friends since 6th grade and the girls met when we started dating the guys. We all got married the same year, they were married in May of 1982 and we were married in July of 1982. What a blessing it is to have such dear long term friends!
Well, the day is over, time to head back to the vehicles.
The sun is setting on our day and on our trip.
We were all so hungry and ate our lunch out of the back of the truck (we packed a big picnic lunch, but we found out when we got there that we couldn't take it in!).
Here's everybody eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We probably saved ourselves at least $200.00 on lunch because the food prices at amusement parks is so outrageous! After we ate, it was time for the worst part of a trip, time to say good-bye. We all hugged and said our farewells. Eric, the boys and I got back in the truck and we started our long drive home back to Oregon.
What a beautiful sunset. We drove from LA to Sacramento and spent the night at a hotel. It's always so hard to say goodbye and for the first hour of driving I was sad that our trip was over, but after a little while I started getting so anxious to get back home again!
It's now ten hours later and now the sun is rising and we're on our way home!!!
We left the hotel at a little bit before 6:00 AM! Can you see my lap blanket? LOL! I have learned to always bring one because my husband and I don't have the same body temperatures! He is always hot and I'm always cold, so to have peace and comfort, I dress warm and bring a blanket!
Oh, the sunrise is so beautiful!!
The boys got in the truck and promptly went right back to sleep!
I see green fir trees, we must be getting close to Oregon!
Wow! It snowed here last night!
Eric drove the whole way. I love my husband! He always makes me feel so safe. I have total confidence in his driving abilities and trust him completely!
Now here's the best thing I've seen all day, our little Home Sweet Home!!! Yea! We had a fabulous trip, but it really is great to be home again! I'm so thankful for all the wonderful memories we made and all the fun we had and I'm thankful that the Lord had his hand upon us and brought us back home safely.

"May the Lord bless thee, and keep thee; may the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Numbers 6:24-26

Fondly, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE family vacations! It's been a few years since we've been to California...lovely traveling with you!

gin said...

I had a great time on your vacation too. Thanks for all the pics. I felt like I was right there too. But you're right, It's always good to get home!!

luvmy4sons said...

I did not know about Misty...precious. Another wonderful family trip! Love it!

as always starzie said...

What a wonderful vacation! Do you know I have lived in Calif. all of my life and have never been to Hearst Castle! I know I must go now! I really enjoyed going on vacation with you. Thanks for taking us along!

Hugs from Darlene M

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