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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picking berries with my sweetie!

My husband loves to barter. I think bartering is a wonderful thing to do and really smart too,especially in these tough economical times! On this day he traded some steaks for some fresh berries from our friends who own a berry farm.
I loved going to their place out in the country. I love their chickens. I really, really want a little place out in the country where I can have a few chickens. Maybe some day the Lord will bless us with that, but for now we will visit our friends!
We walked to the back of their property and saw rows and rows of berries! They have a berry farm and they make all kinds of different jams and jellies. Aren't these berries gorgeous!
Here's Eric picking some berries.
Each bush was just filled with plump ripe beautiful raspberries!
It was so quiet and peaceful out there in the country.
We each had a bucket and picked just about the exact same amount!
Oh, so beautiful!
They tasted as good as they look too!
Eric sat his bowl down for a minute while he picked a few apples and look who started snooping around!
Yep, those chickens were trying to steal our berries! Shoo, shoo, you get away from our berries!
We gave them a few and then we gave the horses some apples too.
I loved our day in the country. It was so fun to have some peace and quiet and spend a little time with my hubby!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 85:11a

Blessings, Sharon

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