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Thursday, November 12, 2009


The next day Eric went golfing with Mike, so Rhochelle took Grayson, Hayden and I to downtown Hollywood! Here we are standing in front of the famous sign! Well, it's way, way back there, but it is there!
Here's a close up!
Rhochelle, me and Hayden posing on a Hollywood corner!
We have never been to Hollywood, so it was sooo much fun for us! I loved looking at all the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. Here's Doris Day, my all time favorite star!
June Lockhart, remember her? She was the mother in the old Lassie TV show.
And of course Michael Jackson. We noticed that the squares have different emblems for what the star was being honored for. Michael's is a record, June's is a TV and the one I took of Doris' was a record, but she also got one for movies.
Here we are on the Hollywood walk of fame!
We ate lunch at a cute little Hollywood cafe.
We could have been discovered, but we weren't!
This guy moved like a robot and was so cool! I got my picture taken with him and I had no idea that I was expected to give him a tip for it! Rhochelle filled me in and I quickly gave him a couple of bucks!
Here's Rochelle with him.
The famous Hard Rock Cafe!
And of course, Grauman's Chinese Theater!!!
This is where all the stars have signed their names and given hand prints and footprints in cement! Here's Harrison Ford!
Grayson with Clint Eastwood!
and Hayden with Clint, one of our family's favorite stars!Arnold Schwarzenegger, I like what he wrote....."I'll be back!"
Oh, here's Doris Day's square! My favorite!!!!
She's my favorite!
Hey, cool, our hands are the same size!
It was so fun to walk around and find familiar names!
Some were quite old, here's Shirley Temple from 1935!!! Look how little her feet were!
Here's Betty Grable and she did something a little different, she put her leg in the cement!
There were people dressed up like stars everywhere you looked!
There's Napoleon Dynamite. It was really fun, but if you took their picture they wanted money, it was a little weird. I guess that's why you often hear it called Hollyweird!
Time to hit the road. I wanted to get a picture of Rhochelle driving us around, but I never got a good one, this is the best I could do. We really appreciated her taking us everywhere. She is such a sweetie pie and so fun too!
The beautiful LA skyline!
I love the palm trees!
We had a great day! Now it's time to go home and have dinner with the guys! I love being on vacation!!!

"Therefore my heart is glad and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure." Psalm 16:9

Hugs, Sharon


Amy said...

When we were down there a few years ago, our oldest saw "Spiderman" and was so excited. I began taking pictures and Spiderman said "You need to give me a tip". We walked away thinking how rude it was to tell us. Then we noticed others giving tips. So we began sneaking pictures too.

gin said...

Hollywood! what a treat!! ya'll are having a great vacation.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Oh what fun!! I enjoyed "tagging" along w/you in Hollywood. You took alot of cool pics. I've never heard that either (about paying those people to have a pic w/them!) Yikes. We're a Clint loving family here, too! Glad you had a great time ~

luvmy4sons said...

You always have such fun outings!

Suzy's Natural Southern Goodies said...

Oh, and I'm a huge Doris Day fan myself!

Suzy's Natural Southern Goodies said...

That's so awesome Sharon!

Heather said...

i've never been to California and probably never will, so it's fun being on vacation with you! love the pictures!

Rebecca said...

In 2003 my girl had a picture taken with that SAME GUY but he was dressed up as some alien. Yep...cost me $5buckeroos. Errr... Guess that is how he makes his living.

You are in my old stomping grounds....I grew up in Southern Cali and I will ALWAYS miss it!

I'm following now....


Deb said...

Hi Sharon! Great trip! A must for my list! I also would like to tell your friends that I love their home. Very fun trip! Deb

Kathi said...

Hi Sharon, What fun!! You look so cute in your photos!! Love you, Kathi

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