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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hayden's football season.....

We had another fun and wonderful football season here in our little town. The Bulldogs put up a great fight and actually went to the state finals! Our youngest son, Hayden, is a sophomore and he started on the varsity team this year. We were so very proud of him!
He took #14 for his jersey number after his brother, Grayson, which I think is just the sweetest thing! It was kind of weird to go to the first few games and not see all of our old friends that we have sat with for years; they weren't there anymore because their son's have graduated, but it ended up being fine. We have new friends that we sit with, the parents of Hayden's buddies and team members.
A sad thing happen on the very first game. Hayden started on both offense and defence as well as special teams and he was having a phenominal game, but at the beginning of the second half a big guy fell on him and really hurt his ankle. It was so hard to watch. He didn't get up for a long time as the coaches were checking him out. He finally got up with the help of some teammates and limped off the field. We walked over to the team bench to talk with him.
We were very concerned that it was broken, but when the medics looked at it they thought it was just a bad sprain. Here's a picture of Eric checking it out.
We had a good scare, but one week later at the next game he was completely healed and played awesome again!
We always talk with him right after the games.
Here he is telling us about some plays he made during the game.
Eric and I are so proud of him!
The first two games were away games, so we finally had a home game! We live in a tiny little town and the football games are just like scenes from the movies. Here's the introduction of the players and Hayden got his name called out for the very first time as a starting player over the loud speaker. It was so exciting! He's #14 second one in on the right.
Here they are saluting the flag during the national anthem.
Here's the band playing the national anthem.
The cheerleaders and the bulldog mascot are also saluting the flag.
We had lots of different family members join us in the stands to cheer on Hayden and the bulldog team. Here's my in-laws, Alice and Jim sitting with Eric and me.
Jim and Eric.
My oldest son Mackenzie and his wife Brittany.
Mackenzie was so funny and he packed a peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich to snack on during the game!
Grayson and his girlfriend Rachelle.
Here's Grayson, Mackenzie, Brittany and Eric standing with Hayden after the game. His uniform gets a little stained and sweaty during the games!
Go #14!
Proud mama with son!
I really liked it at one away game that the school's booster club supplied all of our players with hamburgers after the game! Isn't that nice!
Hayden sure appreciated it and just wolfed it down!
Here's big bro Cameron with Grandpa Jim.
Grayson and Rachelle again with my sister Kelli and her son, Samuel, in the background.
Me, Kelli and Samuel enjoying the game.
Samuel and Kelli standing with Hayden after the game. He got really dirty this time!
Yea! Hayden just made a touch down! Sweet!!!!
The last game was such a great one, we beat the other team 57 to 28. Wow, what a game. Hayden got a beautiful interception. He was known as the interception king, he got eight over the whole season!
We are so proud of our boy, he had a wonderful football season. We are proud of his athletic skills, but even more proud that he's such a good kid, a man of God and is known at the school as a Christian. He is also humble and hard working and a good student. I am so thankful for Hayden. I am so proud and thankful for all of my sons.

"There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord." Proverbs 21:30

Love, Sharon

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