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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally, we're at Mike and Rhochelle's!

Hey, are we visiting another beautiful historical home today? Nope! This is the beautiful home of our friends, Mike and Rhochelle!
Here's my hubby, Eric, with Mike. They have been good friends for about 40 years!!!
This is Rhochelle, she's Mike's wife. We knew each other way back when we were both dating the guys in high school!
This is Lisa, their daughter. Isn't she adorable! That's her cute little red bug! They have a son named, Brian, but he is away at college. Lisa is a gymnast and is performing at the highest level! She is amazing to watch and she's getting a college scholarship for it!
This is Rosie, one of their family dogs.
This is Misty their other little dog. I really bonded with Misty!
Rhochelle cooked us a beautiful meal!
She is such a cutie with a beautiful heart. We always have so much fun together!
Here we all are sitting down in their lovely dining room for a wonderful meal!
This is their gorgeous living room.
I love their warm leather couches.
This dining room set is so beautiful too. She said they bought it and the hutch from the previous home owners!
Another view of the living room. That mirror is gorgeous!
They have two wooden giraffes looking over the balcony at the top of the stairs!
I love their big kitchen!
When they bought the house they gutted the kitchen and put in a new updated one.
They also had the shelving installed in the family room.
The backyard is so beautiful and is like an extension to their home. I love the table with the fire pit built into it!
They have a lovely balcony looking out over the pool.
Mike designed this neat outdoor kitchen! I love it. I am hoping that one day we can do something similar. Although, here in wet Oregon, we might not be able to use it quite as often. I think we would have to design it with a roof of some kind.
There's the beautiful hot tub!
It is just so serene and beautiful.
It was gorgeous like this every morning! This was in the middle of November too!
I think I could get used to living in California!
Their pool even has a bar built right into it with bar stools!
Aren't they cool!
Here's Hayden sit'n at the bar!
Grayson hanging out in the hot tub
The whole family relaxing in the hot tub.
Here I am, ready to go into the hot tub and there's one of my boys swimming there in the water, I'm not sure which boy it is though! LOL!
A couple of days I was able to go with Rhochelle when she walked the dogs. I think this is such a cute picture of her and her pups!
We feel so blessed because our husbands are best friends, but over the years Rhochelle and I have become close friends too! We really enjoy our time together! I am so thankful for the blessing of these great friends!!!

"A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17a

Love, Sharon


gin said...

what a lovely friendship. their house is lovely too.

Connie said...

Beautiful home and I'm glad you got to go for a vacation. We're heading out to California tomorrow. San Diego UC campus where our grandson is going to pharmacology school. I can't wait to go back to visit the places we used to live, sweetpea!

Suzy's Natural Southern Goodies said...

That pool area is gorgeous! Looks like a fun time had by all!

Lillie Mae Acres said...

I'm enjoying the tour through CA scenery and homes. I'm in FL and we are currently planning a huge patio redo. I too love your friends outdoor kitchen and am hoping to incorporate a simular one into our plans. We'll need at least half of the patio covered to protect from the FL sun that is so damaging. Thank you.

Marydon Ford said...

How fortunate for you to have a close sisterhood with Rhochelle & her family. They have a beautiful home.

Have a great day!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

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