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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall at Rose of Sharon Garden...

Fall is in the air here in Oregon with the brisk cool foggy mornings and gloriously sunny afternoons. The leaves are all changing and turning such beautiful colors. Come with me and lets take a little walk to see some of the fall beauty that's in my backyard.
We just walked through the front gate and walked through the carport, turned the corner and this is what we first see. There are signs of Autumn everywhere!
There are many fallen leaves on the ground.
I just started snapping pictures left and right and seeing God's beauty everywhere.
God is so creative! Look at all of the different colors of leaves.
I guess we got a little behind on raking and sweeping up the leaves! Just to let you know, shortly after I took these pictures my husband and sons cleaned them all up!
Fallen leaves on the patio table.
Fallen leaves on the chaise lounge.
Fallen leaves on the rock steps.
Speaking of the steps, lets take a walk up them to see the rest of the yard.
It's like a carpet of fallen leaves!
Even the bird bath is filled with leaves.
More steps up into our little orchard and garden area.
I like this view of our home from the orchard.
And this one.
We use the term "orchard" loosely, as we only have six fruit trees, but to us it is our little orchard!
I made this sign a long time ago; I like how old and weathered it has gotten.
It looks like the sunflowers are not so sunny anymore!
The tomatoes are done too, Jack Frost came for a visit and ruined all of them.
Anyone up for a fried green tomato?
Hey, what's that I see there in the tree?
It's a cute little squirrel looking for some nuts or berries. I am so excited because we are just starting to see more and more squirrels around here. When we first moved here there were none. I know they can become a nuisance, but I think they are so cute and fun to watch.
I like how our yard looks in the fall because the grass is really green from all of the Oregon rain and the yellow and gold leaves really pop in contrast.
We can tend to walk by a bush like this and not even consider it, but when you stop and take notice, you see the bright and bold variations in the colors and appreciate their beauty!
A simple little leaf becomes a miniature bowl of water!
Uh oh, these flowers near the pool have seen better days, there is just a little tiny bit of life left in them there, do you see the tiny bit of purple? I won't show you the pool, it's not very pretty right now! :0)
Well, we're about done here, let's walk back down towards the house.
I love fall. I actually love all the seasons, but I think my favorites are fall and summer. I'm so thankful to God for all the seasons and the beauty that each one gives us, especially fall!
That's the end of the fall tour at Rose of Sharon Garden. It looks like my hubby has the boat hooked up and he's ready to go fishing. That means a little quiet girl time for me! I think I'll go in now and get some yummy food and watch an old Joan Crawford movie!

"He has made everything beautiful in its time" Ecclesiastes 3:11

Love, Sharon


Elena said...

Beautiful, I love fall leaves!

grey like snuffie said...

I love fall colors....and fried green tomatoes. We used to make fake apple pies with green tomatoes. Gorgeous shots!

Kathi said...

Sharon, I am so happy to see your new blog. I love your pretty background and fall photos. What a beautiful life you have. Love you, Kathi

Erin said...

Your backyard is so wonderful! I love the aged Orchard sign.

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