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Monday, October 5, 2009

Daddy's Eggs.....

My parents invited my two sisters and me over for a Saturday morning potluck brunch. Us girls all brought something to eat and my Daddy made the eggs. My parents like to put foil on their stove to aid in cleaning it later.
He made the eggs at our request because we all remember him making them on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we were little and nobody makes eggs like my Dad! They are just simple scrambled eggs, but the way he cooks them makes them taste so delicious! He learned how to cook eggs like this from his mother, Ethel.
Here I am working on the cinnamon rolls. I feel bad because I didn't get any pictures of my beautiful mother or two beautiful sisters!
We had a lovely visit and a fabulous brunch!
Yum, what a delicious meal, we had Daddy's special scrambled eggs, sausage links, grapes, cinnamon rolls and fruit salad.
Mmmm, I wish that you could taste these eggs, they are so wonderful!
The secret is in the way that he stirs them and scrambles them and also to not let them get dry.
I make scrambled eggs for my family just like my Daddy always did and I thought I would share with you step by steps on how to make them. First you take your frying pan and either melt a small pat of butter or you can spray it with buttery flavored Pam. You let them cook until they are almost done as if you were frying the egg. Salt and pepper to taste.
Then at the precise moment, right before you would flip them if you were indeed frying them, right when they are almost done, you start cutting up the egg and scrambling it.
You kind of just cut it over and over with the side of your fork.
Then you start folding in the outer edges.
Repeat a few times.
Continue chopping and mixing until they are all scrambled up, but you don't want to over mix them either. You want to see lots of yellow from the yolk.
Take the pan off the element when you feel like they are perfect. The secret is to not let them get too cooked and too dry, you want them a little wet like the picture above.
These scrambled eggs are so wonderful. I think the reason why is that you can really taste the yolks.
Oh, what a treat! Since my father's name is Leonard and kind of long to say, I taught the kids to call them Ethel eggs after my grandmother, who taught my father how to make them this way.
Mmmm, they are just the best!
The best thing for me is all the memories I have of watching my Daddy cook scrambled eggs and now my kids have memories of me making them and they will pass the secret on to their kids!

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Blessings, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

That's great!

Elena said...

Wow, those eggs look so yummy! My husband makes eggs for Mary and I every weekend too. Such wonderful memories.

Erin said...

The eggs look divine!

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