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Saturday, November 7, 2009

California or Bust!

We took a little road trip to California to celebrate Grayson's high school graduation. We were going to go sometime during his senior year, but that's when the economy got hit so hard and we thought it would be best to wait a bit. So we planned it for November of 2009. We got up real early and were on the road by 6:00 am! California here we come!!!! Eric and I are awake, but I can see Grayson in the backseat there sleeping!
And there's Hayden, sound asleep too! It's a very long 16 hour drive, so we decided to break it up into three days of travel and we stayed at two hotels. We did this the year Mackenzie graduated and then again the year Cameron graduated. We will do it again for Hayden's graduation too.
Wow! Just look at the beautiful morning sky!
We experienced all kinds of weather on this trip. Right now it is a bit damp with lots of early morning fog.
Here's a beautiful picture of fall in Oregon.
Whoot whooo! Just crossed the state line! Welcome to California!
But first we must go through the California border patrol!
Whew! We made it through! We're not in Kansas (Oregon) anymore! Just look at the difference in the terrain! It's more desert-like and dry.
There's beautiful Lake Shasta!
We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove!!!!! To help the time pass, I brought a bunch of my decorating magazines and cut out my favorites pictures.
This turned out to be a really fun and easy thing to do and really helped the time fly by! This is a little hobby that I have done since I was a teen-aged girl dreaming about decorating my own home someday when I was married! After I cut the pictures out I glue them into notebooks and save them for decorating inspiration.
It's a different world in California compared to Oregon, it's self-serve at the California gas stations and in Oregon we have attendants who do it for us, but never fear, we have a gas pumper on board! Grayson used to work at a gas station and he knew exactly what he was doing. We were impressed by the fact that there were TVs on each pump!
Finally! We are at our first hotel in San Jose! We were so excited and surprised at how beautiful it was!
We were so amazed and intrigued by these cute little black squirrels! Aren't they adorable! They were everywhere. I have never, ever, ever seen a black squirrel.
It was so nice to get out of that truck and relax a bit.
Eric went to the Expedia website and got this hotel for $150.00 for all four of us and we were shocked to see this sign posted in side the room. It says the rate for our room was $570.00 a night! Isn't that crazy! Expedia ended up being such a great tool to use!
This place was gorgeous. Look at the beautiful pool!
Everything was so posh.
We went inside the main hotel lobby to find the restaurant and there was a wedding party there! It was so fun and exciting, they had a mariachi band playing.
Here's Hayden chill'n at dinner.
Wow, what a beautiful view. There is nothing like being on vacation and not having a care in the world and being able to look out your room window to see such a beautiful site!
We went for an after dinner swim.
Hayden in the hot tub.
My turn.
Grayson's turn!
The boys were having races across the pool. We were the only ones out there!
Eric in the hot tub in the morning. Soooo relaxing!
Hayden's ready to dive in for an early morning swim. Well, that's all for today. Next I'll be shareing pictures from our visit to the Winchester Mystery House!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow, what a wonderful trip! What fun! Sixteen hours is a looong drive. I can't read while I'm riding (or look at magazines), it makes me queezy ~ terrible. There are practically NO gas stations here that will pump it for you. It's pretty much ALL self-serve. Remember back in the day? They even used to check your oil AND wash your windshield. :o) There's a story behind those black squirrels & how they came about. I've never seen one either, just heard about them. Yep, cute indeed.
Hope you're having a great weekend!

grey like snuffie said...

A border patrol on the northern side of California????? That seems crazy. We haven't had attendants at gas stations for years....
It's always so fun to be reminded how different things can be around the country when we get so used to our little world. I LOVE family vacations.

Judy said...

What a nice trip Sharon, and what a great deal to get. I'll have to remember Expedia in the future. I'm glad you're back posting again. I like your new blog.

gin said...

what a fun trip. can't wait for day 2. that 's something that oregon is so different. here in south Louisiana we have had tv's on gas pumps for years (granted not at every gas station though), and I can't remember the last time I was at a full service gas station. My cousin went to Oregon and Washington state on vacation last year. And loved it, and they are planning on going back this year because there was more they wanted to see and do.

Kathi said...

What a wonderful trip Sharon. That beautiful resort is amazing!! How gorgeous. It makes me want to go there. I love the pretty pool. I'm so glad you had a fun trip together. Love ya, Kathi

Amy said...

I remember when we went to Oregan for the first time, we got in trouble for pumping our own gas. We were an hour from the state line of oregon (we lived in Boise, ID) so when we'd cross in for shopping or little getaways, we'd always remind ourselves..."let them do it...we don't want to get in trouble." what a gorgeous hotel you stayed in. We always get good deals on Expedia too. Gotta love it!

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