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Friday, October 9, 2009

The spooky house in our town.....

This is our local spooky house. Do you have one near you? We moved to our current home almost 16 years ago and this spooky old house has always been there. It's actually not that close to us, it's a few blocks away, but we drive by it daily.
I have a funny feeling that one of these days they will do a learn to burn exercise on it and burn it down, so I decided to take a bunch of pictures of it to remember it.
In a way it makes me sad to see this old place so unkempt and alone.
It has been empty for so long and so neglected; look at how the paint has chipped off the exterior. You can almost see beauty in the pattern of it.It makes me sad because I am sure at one time this was some little family's dream house.
I like to envision that it was full of life and love at one time.
I imagine it full of a loving happy family with the pitter patter of tiny feet running around, a hardworking father taking care of the yard and garden and a busy mother in the kitchen pulling a freshly baked pie out of the oven.
How did it get to this current state? I've heard rumors that a lady owned it and she went to Florida for a visit and never came back. Now that sounds mysterious, doesn't it!
One day when my two youngest son's and I were on a bike ride (Grayson and Hayden), we stopped to take a closer look. At that time there were no "Keep Out" signs. We walked around to the back of the house and found that the back door was open, so we went inside.
It was really eerie and creepy. It was very dark because all the windows were boarded up, but we were able to see just a tiny bit. In the kitchen we saw all kinds of home canned fruits and vegetables, utensils and dishes as well as a kitchen table. In the living room we saw an upright piano. Everything was dirty and ruined from the leaky roof and the invasion of some kind of four legged critters. We didn't go very far in because we were scared and we got out of there quick!
It does make me sad to see this old place so uncared for, but it's also kind of fun to have it here as a little piece of history and a reminder of what once was. I wonder if we could compare this old house to our hearts, if we don't take time to keep up our relationship with God and we let sin overgrow in our lives, our hearts can grown old and cold and boarded up instead of taking our sins to the Lord and He forgives and cleans out our hearts and fills us full of life and love.......

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash." Matthew 7:24-27

Love, Sharon

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Halloween Decorations........

It's Halloween time once again and I wanted to share with you some of my Halloween decorations. I like this picture of our house with the jack-o-lantern lights glowing against the periwinkle night sky!
I love these little pumpkin lights!
They add such a fun warmth to the front porch.
If you click here you can see my fall decorations and you will notice that for my Halloween decorations all I do is simply add in a few Halloween items to my fall display and voila, it's done!
Here's the same shot during the day. You can see where I added in a few jack-o-lantern candles and a trick or treat sign.
I also set this cute little wooden mischievous cat next to my galvanized bucket of burnt orange mums. It's simple, but effective!
Let's go inside the house now. The first thing you see when you come into our home is our entryway table/cabinet. I have a cute Happy Halloween sign hanging from the cabinet door handles and I simply set a white pumpkin on top of a stack of books.
I also put this cute little white pumpkin with an old crow sitting on top of it.
Here's the stair landing.
Here's my vintage light up jack-o-lanterns at the base of the stairs.
My vignette on top of my little curio cabinet I made out of an old gun cabinet. I placed a rather oversized ceramic walnut on top of some vintage books.
I also have this new wonderful turkey candle holder sitting there too. I LOVE this thing! I found it this fall at a farm and feed store. I think I will keep him up year 'round!
I just threw this picture in because I love it so much. This is where I sit every morning for my Bible study (well, I sit here in the winter, but in the summer I go out on my front porch). I love the view of my stair case and entry way from this point. You can see a little fabric pumpkin that I have sitting on the chair. I have several of these little pumpkins and I like to just place them throughout the house.
Here's my fireplace mantel display. I laid a fall leaf garland there and placed orange lights behind it. I love how warm and cozy it looks!
I didn't do anything special for Halloween in the dinning room. I just left the fall tablecloth with the cornucopia that I placed there in September.
I hung these cute little pumpkin lantern and the black cat lantern. I made them several years back by spray painting round jars and then painting the faces on them and attaching wire handles.
Here's the computer desk top.
And a little nook in the kitchen. I have an old picture of my boys dressed up for Halloween framed in a cute candy corn frame.
Here's a close up of the picture. Aren't they cute! Check out baby Hayden's blue boots! We grew that gigantic pumpkin in our garden that year!
Here's my kitchen windowsill.
I have lots of fun vintage Halloween items clumped together to create a fun little vignette.
I love the little guy with his reading glasses on!
Here's the little bookshelf in the kitchen.
I put this whimsical little bucket in the corner with a big green gourd in it.
I placed a vintage fall tray on top of the bookshelf and filled it with more vintage Halloween goodies.
I found this cute little ceramic sign at Ross.
I found this cute little light up spooky house at Goodwill. It looks so cute when it's all lit up at night!
The little corner by the coffee pot.
Another little corner in the kitchen.
Same shot at night.
And last but not least, a little corner in the utility room. That's it for my Halloween decor this year, I hope you enjoyed the tour! I love to decorate my house for all the holidays, it makes me smile.

"Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck." Proverbs 3:3

Love, Sharon

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homecoming 2009!

Homecoming week for the Bulldogs was so much fun this year!!!
It started with a crazy game of He-Man volleyball! That's my son, Hayden, in center jumping high and hitting the ball over the net!
He-Man volleyball is when all the guys dress up funny and play volleyball. The four classes have competitions against each other. Hayden played for the Sophomores this year and they ended up getting 2nd place.
My son, Grayson's girlfriend, Rachelle, is the Junior class president, so she was one of the people in charge of the event.
Grayson was watching from the sideline. It was kind of surreal for him to be there not as a student any more, but as a spectator.
Grayson and Rachelle were laughing pretty hard at all the antics going on!
Whoot whoo! That's my boy again jumping in the center; wow, he's got hops!!!
After He-Man volleyball we all went out to the football field where the girls were playing Powder Puff football.
There's Rachelle in the center with the black leggings, red shorts, and yellow flags.
Rachelle had the ball and was running it in for a touch down, but she slipped in the wet grass and wiped out! Thankfully she didn't get hurt, but it was so funny to watch! Rachelle's team ended up winning the competition!!!
Then on Friday night we went to the high school to watch the varsity boys football game. Here's a blurry shot of the team running through the poster that the cheerleaders made. The cheerleaders also released a ton of red, white and black balloons. I love all the traditional things that the school does.
Before the game there is always a homecoming parade down main street.

They have homecoming parade float competitions between the classes and parade them through at half-time during the big game.
Then all the homecoming princess's come out all dressed up in their formal gowns and riding onto the track in fancy vintage cars where they announce the homecoming queen.
After the queen is announced they turn off all the stadium lights and burn a giant letter "B" for Bulldog's, it is so much fun!!! I love our little town!
What a great game! The Bulldogs won and what a sweet victory it was!!! Hayden had an excellent game and played so well! He got totally dirty, but he had a blast!
Saturday night was the homecoming dance and here's Grayson and Rachelle getting ready to go.
Don't they look nice!
She always coordinates their outfits! Their flowers match too, which actually was coincidental!
I love her hair!
They went out to dinner first and then on to the dance. They had a great time.
Hayden went to the dance too. He was the sophomore class prince. He really did not feel like going, but because he was a prince, he was required to go. It was cute watching him trying to figure out how to tie his tie. He pulled up a how to video on You Tube to help him figure it out! LOL! He ended up having a good time.

"The hope of the righteous shall be gladness." Proverbs 10:28

Hugs, Sharon
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