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Sunday, October 22, 2017

So proud of my college boy!

This is my youngest son, Hayden. He's a junior in college studying Natural Resources with a focus in Forest Ecosystems. Last winter he got a fantastic job working in the Forestry Department doing soil study project.
Over spring break, he had to go up to the university's forest to collect soil samples and he invited me to go to work with him. I got up really early and met him at his house at 6:30 am. When I got there he was making his breakfast.
I was impressed with how healthy he eats! Also, check out his cute place. You can read all about how he transformed a $2,500.00 trailer into home sweet home in this blog post.
This was such a fun day for me! I love hanging out with my son and I'm so very proud of him! I couldn't wait to see where he worked and what he did at work! Hayden told me that Lord blessed him with this amazing lab assistant job in the college Forestry Department. It all started with him walking into a little building downtown where they were studying soil. He struck up a conversation with the proprietor and she found out he was a forestry student and hooked him up with a professor at the college and it led to this wonderful job. At first he was just doing grunt work in the lab, but then it led to him getting his own study project!
When we first got to the Forestry building, he took me into a big walk in refrigerator where his project was being stored. He told me that this job is a huge blessing and a huge honor. He is doing the same kind of project that grad students do. It's a wonderful opportunity!
His whole project is in this box.
It hold soil samples from a controlled area up in the woods and today we are going out to get more samples.
He grabbed his project and then walked me down the hall. He's so cute!
He took me into three different labs and showed me where he does experiments on the soil samples.
After that we headed for the college forest land. I'm so proud of him, he actually has a key to the gate of this protected land!
He took me to this bridge to show me how beautiful the oak trees are.
Next we drove up to his study site. He pulled out his boxed up project and his work tools. He opened his field guide notes and I was blown away with how detailed and involved this study is. My son is so smart!
He put everything he needed into his backpack and we took a little hike into the woods.
We came upon this study station where there's a small computer with sensors gathering data from the soil.
He downloaded the data to his laptop. His project is studying the effects of clear-cut logging on the soil. The trees on this side of the road will be cut down and the trees across the road will not be cut.
After that we walked across the road to another station where he was gathering more data. I'm so proud of him because he actually made this metal station that holds the solar panels to power the data collector. He's a real problem solver and his professor was impressed with his solution.
He's checking things such as the soil moisture and temperature.
Once the trees are logged, he will be able to study the effects that logging has on the soil and eventually see if logging is sustainable on a chemical level,
He will continue to study the soil next year.
This is a beautiful forest.
The university has owned for many decades and hundreds of forestry students have used it for their projects.
I so enjoyed spending time out here with my son.
After he gathered the data, we went back into the woods where he had dug six big holes several weeks prior. He dug three holes on both sides of the road.
Each hole is 1 meter deep (about 3 feet). He wore latex gloves and used a clean shovel and took soil samples at four different levels in each hole.
He labeled each sample with the location and depth it was found.
I am just so very impressed with my son!
He hauled everything back to his car to inventory it.
That's quite a haul and represents a lot of work!
He will take all these samples back to the lab and do tests on them.
We drove back to the college.
He boxed all of his samples back up...
...and took them back into the Department of Forestry.
I know I'm being a stalker mom, but he's so dang cute!
We went back into the cooler and he put his project away. He will start performing different studies on these samples and he will then go back into the woods and take more samples after the trees are logged. After he locked everything back up, I took him out for lunch and then to a couple of garage sales. It was a great day!
I had the best day ever spending such quality time with my son and I am so very proud of my handsome and intelligent son!

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pool day!

I had such an amazing time at the city pool in August.
 I met my two daughter-in-laws (Brittany and Rachelle) there with my sweet grandson, Ridley. Megan couldn't make it because sweet Caspian was just a few weeks old.
 I packed my towel, a book to read and lunch and met the girls there.
 Rachelle is 8 months pregnant and looks glorious!
Brittany is such a cute little mamma! She is taking Ridley up the stairs to go down the slide.
We heard screaming all the way down the slide....
....but they were screams of joy, he loved it!
Now it's Grammie's turn!
I've got to admit it...Grammie was scared! But, when my precious Ridley asked me to go, I was not about to say no!
It was pure bliss! I LOVED it!
I had so much fun!
I got into the hot-tub to relax a bit and started realizing how happy I was being there again.
I thought these pool days were behind me and now I realize it's all starting over again and I will be able to do this for many, many more years!!!
It was so nice to lay in the sun and realax and watch the girls plays with Ridley in the water.
Then they all came over and we ate lunch.
This is the life!
Now it's time for Ridley and I to play in the sand!
We played with trucks and then in the water area.
Me and my shadow! This is so much fun!
What a happy day! This grammie business is awesome!!!

"This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24

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