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and the day in, day out things that we do.
It basically is my online diary/photo album of our life.
I'm glad you're here!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A wonderful day at the beach!

My daughter-in-law, Brittany and my grandson and I all went to the beach a few weeks ago. 
It was one of those rare gorgeous days at the Oregon coast with a sunshine, a bright blue sky and virtually no wind. Usually it's overcast, cold and very windy!
My grandson LOVED it!
He came here last summer, but he was so little, this year he got to run and play in the waves and was delighted!
It was so fun playing with him on the beach!
It was so refreshing, just what my soul needed!
I love the feeling of the wet sand between my toes and the way the cold ocean water feels when it rushes over my feet!
Oh this is breathtaking! God's creation is so evident and so amazing! Praise the Lord!
Ridley loved splashing in the water!
Grammie toes and baby toes!
Watching him explore the beach was so magical.
Everything was so wondrous to him.
Mama teaching Ridley about seaweed.
Mama teaching Ridley about tide pools.
We were thrilled when we found a live starfish!
Mama taught Ridley how to right his name in the sand.
I love how he's watching her.
This one turned out so cute, it looks as though he wrote it. :)
We explored a small cave.
Little Mister was very brave!
The rock formations are so cool!
I am so very blessed by these two. I love them so very much.
No pirates at sea!
No pirates on land! haha
Relaxing on the beach with my toes in the warm sand. Auhhhh.
This was so good for my soul! What a wonderful day!

"If I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide me, and Your strength will support me." Psalm 139:9-10

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15 pounds....GONE!!!!!

I dropped 15 pounds, just like this big old 15 pound sack of potatoes!
I am beyond thrilled! After picking up this 15 pound bag of potatoes, it sure makes me realize how heavy 15 pounds is and how hard it must of been on my body to pack it around all the time!
I did not go on a diet, but I did change the way I eat. I started watching my carbohydrate intake and I cut out sugar and flour. I try to eat only 20 grams of carbs a day, but I don't count fruits and vegetables. It's so easy, affordable, delicious and not boring. I started this way of eating back in January. It has been a slow progress, but slow and steady win the race!
It took me a couple of days to detox from sugar, but I am totally off of it now and I realize how bad it was for my body. Cutting it out not only has helped with my weight loss, but also with my tummy issues, body aches and inflammation.
I am so happy! I started at 133.0 and now am at 118.0. I would still like to lose about 5 more pounds and I believe I will do it! I never count calories, I eat until I am full, I eat a wonderful variety of delicious foods and best of all I don't crave sugary carbage-garbage any more!
Here are a few sample meals. Typical breakfast at home, scrambled eggs with cheese, sliced peaches with stevia and coffee. Sometimes I add mushrooms and onions to my eggs and sometimes I also have bacon.
I'm not normally hungry until 9:00, so on the days I work I typically eat breakfast at my desk with foods like this, packaged ham, string cheese, nuts and an apple with coffee of course!
I eat all kinds of stuff for lunch, here's a sample of artichoke/Parmesan dip with a small amount of corn chips, almonds, blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese and fresh fruit with real cream on top!
Sometimes I'll make a big yummy salad with cheese, nuts and bacon and full fat dressing.
A typical brown bag lunch on work days, pickle roll-ups, carrots, almonds and an apple.
Sometimes I bring leftovers to work for my lunch and on this day I had barbecued salmon with roasted fresh veggies. Yum!
With this way of eating, you get to eat lots of meat!
A typical dinner is barbecue steak and fresh veggies. On this night I had corn on the cob!
This night we had baked halibut that I breaded with almond flour and drizzled garlic butter on top! We also had fresh artichoke and broccoli from our garden. It was delicious.
It's very easy to eat out too. I usually order a steak and instead of rice or  pasta, I ask for a double order of vegetables. I drink one glass of wine with my dinner.
A good choice for dessert is fresh fruit.
But my favorite dessert is Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt. They have many flavors, but my favorite is blueberry. Sometimes I'll eat two!
I started eating low carb in January and lost about 5 pounds, but in March I went to a naturopath who tested me and I found out I was completely depleted of Progesterone.
I am now taking 100mg a day and I know this helped me push through to continue to lose the additional 10 pounds. It has helped me tremendously with my depression, sleep issues and my sense of well-being. This in combination with my low-carb eating has helped me lose those horrible 15 pounds and hopefully 5 more!
While I am pretty active with walking around the hospital at work, working around our farm at home and watching my grandson, I need to start exercising again. I have slipped out of the habit of walking 3 times a week and want to get back into that.
I am so happy that I have lost the weight without a crazy exercise routine or a crazy diet. I eat wonderful delicious, healthy food and I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel like me again!

"Or do you not know your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." I Corinthians 6:19-20

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quince de Mayo!

Every year we celebrate Cinco de Mayo by having a big Mexican feast, but this year it was delayed 10 days, so we celebrated Quince de Mayo at my lovely daughter-in-law's house. Eric and I packed up a sombrero, a bucket of margaritas, margarita glasses, pinata and of course the stilts and headed over there! I'm not sure how it got started, but playing on the stilts became part of our tradition.
Brittany borrowed my box of decorations and she made her house so cute!
I love how she hung the lights under the counter.
She had most of the food all laid out on the counter.
What a cute display!
She worked hard and is such a darling girl!
The rest of the family brought side dishes and dessert.
Megan made these delicious enchiladas, Rachelle brought beans and rice and Eryn brought sopailla.
I was so impressed by Brittany's homemade crisp taco shells!
Time to eat!
Everything was delicious!
I heard a bunch of laughing in the living room and when I went in there I discovered they were playing around with the face swap app. It was really hilarious, especially when they swapped Great Papa Jim's face with Ridley's!
Eric and Grayson did it, but they look so much a like it wasn't that noticeable!
Time for the pinata!
Great Papa Jim decided to give it a try.
He hit it hard and it actually broke off the string!
Then my hubby gave it a try.
I love his smile. It was really fun for all of us!
It's Ridley's turn again.
He broke it open! He was so excited! He especially loved getting a bag of marbles!
Time to break out the stilts! I love it that we do this!
Uncles helping Ridley try it. :)
Hayden and Eryn!
Hayden and Ridley were racing and it looks like Ridley won!
The boys set up an obstacle course for Ridley, it was so cute.
Uncle Cameron put the sombrero on Ridley and then told him to go put it on someone...
...guess who he picked? Love.

We had such a fun evening. I love and cherish my family so much and I love and cherish these times we have together.

"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31
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