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Monday, September 11, 2017

Garden party.....

 Come with me to my garden for a garden party!
 It's a lovely summer evening...
 ...for a special little dinner in the garden with my dear friend.
The table is set and dinner is ready, but waiting in the kitchen for my company to arrive.
 We decided to wear hats and sundresses to make it fun! Oh, there's her car, she's here!
 My sweet and fun friend, Angie!
 We had chicken salad, garlic bread and cookies for dessert.
 Angie and I go way back! Our kids were friends in kindergarten!
We are both working women and empty nesters in long-term marriages trying to figure out this next phase of our lives.
 I'm so thankful for my dear friend! We had a lovely evening...
...then all the sudden someone arrived wearing a hat wanting to join us...
 ....oh my gosh, it was my husband! He's so funny! He cracked us both up so much!
I love simple fun times like this!

"A sweet friendship refreshens the soul." Proverbs 27:9

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Breaking ground!

My son and daughter-in-law, Grayson and Rachelle, have much to be grateful for! First of all, they are expecting their little baby boy in just two weeks and secondly, they just broke ground on their dream farm house!
They have their permit and everything! It's so exciting!
If you recall, the kids got married two years ago and they bought this very old mobile home on 19 acres. Their plan was to build some day and now "some day" has come! We are so excited for them, but it's extra thrilling for us because they only live one mile away from us!
It was in bad shape when they first bought it, but have since fixed it up so cute! Click here and here to read other posts about their home. Sadly, the county says they cannot have two dwellings on the property, so they have to destroy the old home once they move into the new house. While they are really looking forward to building their new home, I know they will both be so sad when the old place gets torn down, it is their first home they lived in together, they turned it into a darling place and they have so many wonderful memories here. Below are a few before and after photos of the interior.
Before: The inside had the typical 1970s mobile home decor with fake everything! Fake brick, fake wood paneling, fake leather on the ceiling beam (why would you put leather, let alone fake leather on a ceiling beam? haha).
After: They painted all of the walls a pretty creamy gray and installed laminated floor.
Before: The kitchen had this wonky bar, plastic fake wood cabinets, orange Formica counter tops and back splash.
After: They ripped out the bar and Grayson made a new bar out of 2x4s.
Before: Another shot of the brown and orange kitchen.
After: They painted the cabinets white and made new counter tops with 2x4s and put a very strong shellac on top. They also got a new sink.
After: It turned out adorable!
After: It's so cozy!
They painted every wall and lightened the whole place up. Rachelle hung the cute drapes to hide the washer and dryer.
She has cute touches everywhere.
This is blurry, but you can see where they installed a propane stove and Grayson made the cute hearth around it. They've already had so many wonderful memories together as newlyweds in their little home, but now it's such an exciting time with having their baby and building their new home.
They have 19 acres, but unfortunately the county only allowed them to build 200 feet from the existing house unless they spent thousands of dollars to apply for a new permit. They decided to build 200 feet away, so it will be right behind the garden.
Grayson has done a lot of the work himself to prep their place for the construction to start. A good friend let him borrow this big backhoe which he used to prepare the new driveway.
Here he's showing Rachelle and I the work he did. The new house will not be ready until probably January and the baby is due in just two weeks, so....
...they turned this spare room into....
...this darling baby nursery for their sweet boy!!!
I love the color scheme!
It turned out so darling.
We are all so excited to meet this new little baby boy!!!
The foundation was poured last week!
Oh what a thrilling time for my dear son and sweet daughter-in-love! I'm so happy for them!

"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3

Friday, September 8, 2017

Cat with nine lives......

I love this darling mamma cat with her eight tiny kittens. It's a vintage made in Japan piece called Cat with Nine Lives.
 I found it at a garage sale for only $1.00. I did not care for it the way it came!
 It was a souvenir from Trees of Mystery in California.
The real mystery is who decided to glue these cute kitties to a piece of redwood and a fake grassy bush! haha No, I'm just kidding, I get it that it was a different time period and tchotchkes like this were really popular.
I saw beyond that though and figured for a dollar I would try to remove these cuties from the piece of wood.
 Look at that darling little face!
At first I tried to pry them off with a screwdriver, but it didn't work too well. I was worried I would break one of them. I was happy that I did find a label though! Unfortunately, I cannot make out what it says.....blank Imports across the top, and I think EFCCO or SFCCO in the center and San Francisco California Made in Japan across the bottom.
Since prying them off was not working, I went to plan be and I soaked it in a 13x9 dish filled with hot soapy water for about an hour. It kept trying to float, so I had to weigh it down with my soap dispenser.
 It worked! They all came right off!
I looked it up and found that one just like it sold on Rubylane for $65.00! I also found it on Ebay for $49.99! I totally scored!
I think it's so cute! I put it in my Grand-baby room. I think my grandchildren will love it!

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart." Proverbs 15:30

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