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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The first look....

It's time for Grayson to walk through the field and wait by a giant old oak tree for his beautiful bride to join him. They will have a little private moment to themselves before they get married. He is super happy about marrying Rachelle, his one true love, but he's also very serious about this big lifetime commitment.
It was cute because moments before I saw him carrying around his letter he wrote to her in his back pocket. They each will read letters to each other about their love for one another and their promise they are about to make.
Grayson headed on down and I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo, but here he is leaning against the tree in the far background waiting for his true love.
When he was safely out of the house, Rachelle, walked out into the room. All the people in the room gasped at her beauty! I love this shot of all of the groomsmen looking at her. She has her letter in her hand and she will walk down and join her soon to be husband!
There she goes!
Darling, I'm here!
This was a very special moment indeed! All the parents were on the deck watching from afar. I got tears in my eyes.
I love this picture of Cameron and Megan. What a beautiful couple they are!
My handsome son, Mackenzie. I wish I would have gotten a close up of Hayden, but I didn't. He looked so handsome as well.

With the suspenders and bow-ties and their old fashioned haircuts that are trendy right now, these photos look like they could be from a different generation (if I turned them black and white).
Once we got the okay, the rest of the wedding party headed over to where the kids were to start the photo shoot.
I hugged them both, they look so beautiful together! They are so happy!
The gorgeous wedding party!
What a bunch of beautiful people!
Time for some silly shots! I love this!
This one is so cute too!
My four handsome sons! Oh my gosh, they are so serious....that's not like my sons...
....wait for it....
....there it is! haha I knew something would break out. I love these silly pictures! I am so thankful they all love each other.
Here's one with little Ridley in the shot. So precious!
This photo is simply breathtaking! What a beautiful couple and her dress is amazing! Look at gorgeous veil!
These pictures, obviously, are just snapshots from my phone. I can't wait to see the photos from the professional photographer! It's such an enchanting setting!
I love this little moment between Grayson and his father.
The guys had a celebration cigar as they waited around for their turn to be in the photos again.
It was a fun time.
This is such a lovely shot of Grayson and Rachelle with Ridley and Lilly.
They were so stink'n cute! What was so precious is that they genuinely liked each other, it was so sweet!
I kept hearing Grayson say the one photo he really wanted was Rachelle standing on his Jeep. I went outside and saw saw her standing on top from this angle and it was a marvelous shot! By the time I got my phone set, she was getting back down from the Jeep.
He was trying to recreate this photo! It was 2011 and they were going to prom. Isn't this a cool picture!
Here's the same girl, same Jeep, but definitely a different dress! I love it!!!
So now all of the wedding photos are done, it's time to hide the bride and groom and wait for the guests to arrive to start the wedding!

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Hugs, Sharon

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Before the wedding.....

 When I got to Rachelle's mother's house where the wedding was being held, I stepped into the master bedroom and my beautiful future daughter-in-law was the first person I saw. I teared up. I love her very much. Even without makeup, she is so beautiful. She is just as beautiful on the inside as well. I am so very thankful to God for this wonderful girl for my son! She was so precious and pointed out that she was wearing the robe that I had purchased her for a shower gift. :)
 The next thing I saw was her gorgeous gown hanging beautifully against this big mirror with her amazing veil hanging right next to it in the window. It's absolutely breathtaking!
Terri, Rachelle's mother, was such a wonderful hostess and served mimosas and had beautiful fruit and cheeses laid out for all the girls.
 The brides maid's dresses were hanging in the window and they are so pretty!
The girls took my dress from me and hung it in another window along with Rachelle's mother's dress. They made me feel honored and special. It was just such a special girl time for all of us. I absolutely loved it.
 Rachelle hired a professional make-up designer to do her make-up!
 Meanwhile, I stepped out and checked on what's going on with my son. The first thing I saw in his room was all the groom's mens clothes hanging in the window.
Then I saw my son and the groom's men getting dressed. I hugged my son and had tears in my eyes. What a big special day for him and it is just all good! It's all good!!! I am so sad that I did not get a close up of Grayson. I thought I would have more time to get it done and I never did. :( Oh well, there will be the professional pictures of us that I can see later.
 I thought this was cute, Grayson and Hayden were helping tie their Dad's tie.
 Looking good guys! I love how simple and old fashion their clothes look!
 I was so touched when I saw these three hammers sitting on the table. They are gifts from Grayson to his father, Rachelle's father and her stepfather! The kid's initials are engraved on them along with the wedding date! Isn't that a cute idea!
 Rachelle then got her hair done by a professional beautician.
 Oh my goodness, it looks so pretty!
 I love this precious girl!
She gave me a very special gift along with the most beautiful card expressing her love for my son and her gratitude to me and Eric for raising the man of her dreams! Inside the package was this pretty silver box.
 It has their wedding date engraved on the top.
 She also gave me this beautiful key chain that states, "I will love your son with my whole heart for my whole life. Love Rachelle" It brought tears to my eyes.
 She gave her mother the same gift, but the sentiment on her key chain is from Grayson. Her mother was so moved. I love this picture of them embracing.
The kids decided they are going to take the wedding photos before the actual wedding and they will do  what's called a "first look". This moment will be very private between them (but the photographer will be there). Grayson is going to go out into the field and stand by a tree and wait for Rachelle to join him. He will keep his back to her until they both read letters that they have written to each other and then they will turn and look at each other and have a few moments alone. Then the rest of the wedding party will join them and take all the photos.
 It's time for Rachelle to get ready!
 She is going to make the most beautiful bride!
 I love this picture of Terri helping her daughter get in to her wedding dress.
 Meanwhile the guys are ready and waiting!
Grayson is excited, but also a bit nervous. He is about to go walk down to the tree and see his bride for the first time in her gorgeous dress. He is so happy to be  getting married and I am so happy for him!!!

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Hugs, Sharon
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